Portugal has performed more than 274 thousand tests since 1 March

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On Friday, 17 April, 14,500 diagnostic tests were carried out in Portugal for the covid-19, a record number in one day, and since 1 March, 274,000 have been carried out, said the Secretary of State of health on 21 April.

"Portugal continues to increase its testing. Since 1 March, more than 274 thousand diagnostic tests have been carried out for covid-19, 70 percent of which already in April. Friday was, to date, the day that most tests have been carried out since the outbreak began in Portugal, about 14,500 processed samples", said António Lacerda Sales.

The official, who was speaking at the daily press conference to take stock of the pandemic in the country and on the day when the number of recovered cases (917) is higher than the number of deaths (762), specified that 49.5 percent of the tests were carried out in public establishments, 45.2 percent in private and 5.4 percent in other laboratories.

António Lacerda Sales stated that currently the global lethality rate due to infection with the new coronavirus is 3.6 percent and that the lethality rate above 70 years old is 12.7 percent and advanced that on 21 April serological tests have been started on users and health professionals at the Hospital Norte and Universitário de Lisboa Norte.

The objective is, said the government official, "to measure the degree of exposure to covid-19".


Correction: I meant to write "Anti-body test" and NOT "Anti-virus" test... sorry for the tipo!

By elio from Lisbon on 22-04-2020 02:45

There is no such measure as "Lethality" rate. I assume you mean "Mortality" rate?! And in which case it CANNOT be 3.6% since we are not testing everyone that has been infected. We are only testing people who have symptoms and not testing those that do not have symptoms. All scientist agree that there is a huge portion of people that are not tested BUT ARE positive for the virus. Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University have estimated (based on their anti-virus test of 3400 people in California) that for every 1 person that test positive, that there are 5 to 8 people who have had the virus but never knew they had it... which means that the mortality rate would be approximately 0.12 % to 0.2%!!! Where does Dr. Sales get his number?? No wonder people are terrified!

By Elio from Lisbon on 22-04-2020 02:19
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