Portuguese asked to act with a "sense of responsibility" over bank holiday

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The Secretary of State for Health said that the authorities will maintain the mobility of people this week with holidays, but defended that it must be done with a civic and responsible sense.

António Lacerda Sales responded in this way to a question raised by journalists at the daily press conference of the Directorate-General for Health whether the authorities are going to carry out awareness-raising actions on holidays, namely on roads and public transport.

“We do not want to impede the mobility of people”, but it will have to be done “with a sense of responsibility, with a civic sense as it has always been done and, therefore, we believe that the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health will continue to be followed by people in general as it has been happening so far,” he said.

Regarding awareness-raising actions, he said that they are carried out “every day”, not only at the daily press conference but also through information from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), through its ‘website’.

"It is evident that there may be greater insistence on some more specific places", which are still cause for concern due to the existence of some outbreaks, said the government official.

Asked to comment on the statements by PSD leader Rui Rio, who questioned the criterion for “allowing gatherings” in times of the covid-19 pandemic, following “leftist demonstrations” over the weekend, and whether there was duality criteria on clusters of people, António Lacerda Sales said that he did not comment on “interventions by other political agents”.

However, he affirmed that "it is important that everything that happens" be done in accordance with "the rules and guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health and with duly evaluated health rules".

“It seems to us that this has happened and, therefore, it does not seem that we are giving different versions of the different interventions”, but, he defended, “it is important” to continue to appeal for whenever there are clusters to be made “as a rule, with organisation” and following the instructions of the DGS.

“We are not in a state of emergency. Therefore, at this moment people's civic and social awareness prevails and we believe in that civic and social awareness”, reiterated Lacerda Sales.

The Director-General of Health added that people know what the new rules are and that they should apply them on a daily basis “as best as possible, in fact avoiding agglomerations that go against the guidelines and even sometimes against the legislation itself ".

Health authorities were also questioned at the conference on the reopening of bars and clubs and day centres.

Graça Freitas explained that the decision to reopen establishments is not of the DGS, but of the Government.

“First there is a determination by the Government that decides which establishments to open” and then DGS works with the sectors with the norms and rules that are advisable.

With regard to day centres, Graça Freitas stated that they are “at this moment the target of evaluation, of consideration, and that a concrete orientation will come out within a very short time” for their reopening, since they correspond to “a need of families and people”.

Asked if there have been cases of poisoning in Portugal due to the incorrect use of detergents for covid-19, as in other countries, Graça Freitas said that there was no anomalous report in this matter.


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