Portuguese citizenship requests at all time high

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The foreign resident population in Portugal has increased for the fourth consequent year, the highest since 1976.

A new report said that there was an increase of almost 23 percent last year in foreign citizens holding a residence permit. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of foreigners in Portugal increased by around 200,000. More than 74 thousand foreign citizens applied for Portuguese nationality in 2019, the highest value of the last five years. Brazilians remain the main foreign community residing in the country, followed by Cape Verdeans and Britons.


What's the harm in granting someone citizenship that has paid all the necessary dues, Billy? You have framed it negatively, if people come here for a better life, and are contributing to the system and community, why would you 'make them prove their love for Portugal?' Jeez... Would your citizenship test require getting a tattoo of the country on your face?!

By Jack from Porto on 03-12-2020 04:19

For those who have been resident for more than six years there is procedure Modelo 6:1 the application form for which can be obtained on-line from the Justice Ministry. This requires the presentation only of documents which can prove that they "conhecem suficientamente a lingua Portuguesa" . Furthermore, there are dispensations for those who suffer from disabilities such as speech difficulty, senility, blindness and deafness and tests can be undertaken in the domicile of the applicant.
Roberto Knight Cavaleiro, Tomar

By Knight from Other on 27-08-2020 05:27

Currently I live with my family in Turkey as refugee, I would like to go and settle in Portugal. I like Portugal so much. Last year I requested from Ambassy of Portugal in Ankara Turkey for support they accept me with conditions status I should bring a document from UNHCR or Turkish migrant authorities to show permission or acceptance. In this case, I requested to both office they did not care about my application. Still I guess Portugal will help me, one I could go to Portugal and accept me as citizenship. Is there any way to call for assistance.

By Abdul Jalil Wafa from Other on 26-08-2020 07:04

I think the Portuguese nationality should only be granted sparingly to foreigners, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry who comes to live here. The rules should be tightened so that you have to show you have a strong cultural and emotional affinity with Portugal. Currently it's not as strict as this. It appears people are requesting it simply to escape something in their lives, or as some sort of 'vaccination' against the reality of Brexit. It should be granted for positive reasons, not as a means of helping people escape the negatives in their lives.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 25-08-2020 11:27

Someone told me if I get visit visa for Portugal and stayed there for 1 year and pay taxes they will grant me the residence visa is this right? Or he is laying

By Khurramadrees from Other on 25-08-2020 10:49

Steve ...from Dublin, Ireland.

If I was of British nationality... I would be seeking to see if I have any Irish grandparents... Very simply put..., regain your EU status and continue to live in any part of the EU.... Portugal.
No red tape or bureaucracy... Become an Irish citizen!

By Mr Steve Cullen from Other on 25-08-2020 10:35

I don't understand the urgency for applying for Portuguese citizenship. If you already have official resident status in Portugal, you are entitled to live here. Obtaining a citizenship involves naturalization - another process, including the language requirement, etc. That is the system in every country. Join the queque.

By Annie from Algarve on 25-08-2020 07:46

I am a Brit who has lived in Portugal for some 25 yearrs, worked my own businesses, employed many Portuguese nationals and never faulted on my taxes to the Portuguese authorities.
In Feb I went to many departments explaining I wanted double nationationilty I was finally told I would have to do some 60 hours Portuguese lessons and pass second grade Portuguese ......I speak better Portuguese than many nationals !!!! sounded so stupid .
also I was married to a Portuguese lady who unfortunately died and have two kids and two grandkids... ALL Portuguese nationals.
Also was told that the the whole process would take up to 2-3 years due the backlog.
Then CV19 halted everything!
to give an example I renewed my residency last year but the SEF made a small error on my name which has already caused me problems.
As we know, even in normal times, to be attended by SEF can take up to 6 months and more.
I am still active on my businesses in Portugal and just don't have the time to go through what, in my case seem like ridiculous beauracries.
Portugal wants and needs the richer EU nationals to come and live here, but I can tell you from long time experience they don't make it easy.

By Harry from Porto on 25-08-2020 03:38

We have resided in a Portugal for 18months now, and have residency papers. Our intention is to apply for citizenship and live the rest of our lives in this wonderful country.
I understand the uncertainty regarding our status after December, but I really don’t see any reason to offer Brits a fast track service, as suggested in a previous comment. Why should we be treated differently? Why should we not wait the required time, learn the language, and then be sincere in our intentions.

By Jane Warren from Other on 25-08-2020 02:28

A distinction should be made concerning the nature of the application for Portuguese nationality. The majority of applicants are recent or intending immigrants or refugees who are required to attend the language courses of IAVE and obtain a certificate of competence to support their professional qualifications and a clean criminal record . But there are many Britons who have long been resident and have contributed to the Portuguese economy and culuture . They seek only dual citizenship to preserve their EU identity and obtain a cartão de cidadão . Of these , most are retired and drawing State pensions from both countries ; they should be given a "fast track priority" before the fateful New Year´s Eve cessation.
Roberto Knight Cavaleiro , Tomar

By Knight from Other on 24-08-2020 04:37
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