Prison sentences toughened for those who mistreat or kill pets in Portugal

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Prison sentences are to be harsher for anyone who mistreats or kills pets in Portugal.

Killing pets “without a legitimate reason” in this country can now imply prison sentences of between six months and two years or a corresponding 60- to 240-day fine. These sentences can be even heavier if there is "perversity" in the act. This toughening of sentences is the result of a change to the law that condemns the mistreatment of pets, such as dogs, cats or ferrets passed in 2014, following a proposal by the PAN party and the Left Bloc to prevent legal loopholes.


I'm afraid the attitude of Tony Fernandes is exactly the type of attitude that Ana from Lisbon says requires a massive education campaign against. He is complaining about the cost of disposing of unwanted young from dogs & cats, well get your animals sterilised! I once found a litter of puppies , still with their umbilical cords on, left to die of cold in a field. I took them home & did my best for them & managed to find a sanctuary willing to take them but only one survived. This type of practice plus that of chaining dogs up in rural gardens should be punished.

By Mrs Pamela Swallow from Algarve on 25-08-2020 10:47

We are interested in moving to Madeira or someplace within an hour of Lisbon so I’m interested to see your publication.

By Martha Simmons from Madeira on 23-08-2020 05:00

Another absolutely ridiculous law coming from people who live in utopic worlds! Mistreating people, no problem! Mistreating animals, you go to prison (where you are normally mistreated!) for up two years or more! You can't even get rid of the excessive number of kits and puppies unless you call and pay a vet!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 23-08-2020 12:47

This is about time! It should also include those who chain their dogs in their gardens, especially in the rural areas of Portugal. I still notice this practice wherever I go. These poor dogs are kept chained for days, irrespective of weather conditions outside. Some not even being able to seek shelter. They are never walked and treated like wild animals. It is shameful and this practice should also include imprisonment and it must STOP. This is no way to treat dogs. Where is the police vigilance for animal cruelty in the rural areas of Portugal? Who is the voice for these poor animals who’s owners have antiquated mentalities and who are not fit to care for dogs as they have no understanding on how to care for one. A massive education campaign is required to educate these people on what constitutes the needs of dogs, not only imprisonment for animal deaths. It’s not the deaths that should be penalised. It should be the cruelty to dogs imposed by their owners by keeping them chained and allowing them to bark for nights because the poor dogs are suffering. We all suffer as a result of this. Where is government vigilance there? This is no way to keep dogs and these dogs should rather be taken into shelter and protected against these owners who have no clue about owning a dog. This has to change. Please do something about this silent cruelty!

By Ana from Lisbon on 23-08-2020 09:16


By Ian from Algarve on 22-08-2020 05:32

Finally a move in the right direction! I hope it will end the cruel dumping and killing of animals. What about bullfighting?

By Jutta Reynolds from Alentejo on 22-08-2020 02:38

what about letting caged birds tweet themselves into madness or bake in the sun?

By DV from Lisbon on 22-08-2020 12:30

It's about time. I am happy to hear this. If people choose to mistreat animals then in return they should be treated the same way

By Jacquie Fricchione from USA on 21-08-2020 07:55

It's about time!! So happy to hear this. If people choose to mistreat animals they should in turn be treated the same way

By Jacquie Fricchione from USA on 21-08-2020 07:52
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