Sovereign offer a Property Health Check - a thorough search of the title to your property to establish it is in good order or discover in advance any defects that could be a bar to a successful sale and give you time to put them right.

Unfortunately some vendors suddenly find that they do not have the correct documentation for their property or worse, find that there are discrepancies between the property itself and the registered documents! Land areas registered at the tax department often differ from those at the land registry, the actual number of bedrooms differs from those registered or the granny annex is actually registered as a garage!

These are just a few of the problems that only come to light when a potential sale is in progress and which may result in the loss of a sale as resolving any problem can take time and delay completion.

An earlier “Property Health Check”, organised by Sovereign, could have avoided this, or at least given time to resolve the problems, which are common place especially amongst older properties. The Property Health Check will also confirm the registration of boreholes or septic tanks where the client indicates the existence of one.

Sovereign’s service includes providing you with a complete dossier of the documents you will need to produce for either a real estate agent or a buyer’s lawyer when you come to sell.

These include:

• Property Plans
• Certified copy of the Deed of Purchase
• Land Registry Certificate
• Habitation Permit
• Ficha Técnica de Habitação (copy & only in respect of properties constructed after 30.03.2004)
• Caderneta Predial (extract from Tax Department registration)
• Plus a detailed report on the property explaining any anomalies discovered .

Contact Sovereign first to save time later! Don’t be caught out at sale time – put your property in order NOW! Ask for details of this cost effective service and have peace of mind that your property is in “good health”.

For further information contact Sovereign on 282 340 480 or email Isobel Costa on: