Unique, honest and generous people, for whom excellence and sharing are a way of living. People like actors Alexandra Lencastre, José Raposo, Paulo Pires and Sara Matos, singer Rui Veloso, TV host Manuel Luís Goucha, Chef Kiko Martins or Garrett McNamara, the giant wave surfer who showed the wonders of Nazaré to the world.

These are the MALO CLINIC brand ambassadors. The ambassadors of the Art of Creating Smiles! They share the same values and they identify themselves with the brand’s DNA. And MALO CLINIC is honoured to have them by its side and to hear them say: “We trust MALO CLINIC!”

That’s because trust is the cornerstone of everything. It’s a precious gift, which we only give to those who deserve it. Trust comes from total commitment from one part to another and from that trust strong relationships are born, relationships that are fuelled by the sharing of values and knowledge. Trust is vital when it comes to creating a healthy and captivating smile. And smiling with confidence, to those around us and to the future, is a unique sensation that everyone deserves to experience.

From trust comes love, happiness and wholeness. And with it smiles that open doors around the world are born. Smiles that have the power to change lives. Smiles that will be remembered forever ... Smiles like yours!

To trust MALO CLINIC is to trust in the strength of your smile. It’s trusting in the Art of Creating Smiles.

A100% Portuguese brand present in 22 countries and considered a benchmark and even a case study worldwide, MALO CLINIC has a total of 16 clinics in Portugal, covering the entire national territory. Three of those clinics are located in Algarve: Faro, Portimão and Loulé.

For further information visit: www.maloclinics.com