One of them started to lose his sight some years ago to a congenital disease, and eventually became totally blind. I thought walking him with a harness instead of a lead might help guide him, and agonized over which one to buy. Finally, the one I selected arrived, but unfortunately he absolutely hated it, dug his heels in and wouldn’t move until we went back to a collar and lead.

The harness was relegated to the back of the cupboard until May this year (a good year has now passed) and we took on another rescue dog of a similar size, and the harness was dragged out and finally used.

Unfortunately, one of the ‘quick clip‘ fasteners broke this week, rendering the harness totally useless, having only been used for less than 6 months. I contacted the supplier by email suggesting that if they were making a no-pull harness for a larger dog, they should consider using clips that would be more robust for a larger dog. To my surprise, they have taken my comments on board, and are sending me a replacement - albeit the same as the one recently discarded - I hadn’t complained, but appreciated their response in replacing it. Restores faith in humanity!

Marilyn Sheridan