Casa Verde, the team are able to offer sustainable money saving solutions to provide both.

Casa Verde provide a range of solutions for properties focused on lowering the energy costs of a home owner in the Algarve while reducing their contribution to environmental damage.

There are many different ways a property owner can reduce energy bills and at Casa Verde the focus is firmly on using their experience to find the best bespoke solutions in every case. “We offer a full service to clients, and in many cases are able to give a home owner back the property that they previously had but may have deteriorated over the years,” said Casa Verde.

One of the most popular products from Casa Verde is the proPERLA façade coating, a type of external wall insulation that uses the latest technology to keep out water while allowing a property to “breathe” from the inside out”.

proPERLA has been independently tested and certified with tests showing that the product can protect masonry from rainwater and heat loss for up to 25 years, thus helping to reduce heating costs, the need for constant repainting and also protecting the environment.

As well as external wall insulation, Casa Verde also offers a whole host of energy solutions, including heating and cooling, solar, hot water and air to air products.

Home owners are able to benefit from a free, no obligation home visit, where one of the experienced team members will be able to draw up a bespoke plan based entirely on each unique property, reducing the need for any “guesstimates”.

For further information about any of the products offered by Casa Verde or to book a free home visit, please visit or email .