The new rules for crèches in Portugal

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Nurseries and childminders should reduce the number of children per room to maximsze the distance between them, but without compromising the normal functioning of playful-pedagogical activities, according to guidance from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

In order to avoid the crossing between people, the guidance also establishes the delayed entry and exit times and the definition of the entrance and exit circuits of the activity room for each group.

These are some of the prevention and control measures to be adopted in day care centres, family day care centres and childminders, in the context of the covid-19 pandemic.

DGS reports that the guidelines were discussed with industry partners.

Before the opening scheduled for May 18, all spaces must activate and update their contingency plans, which must include the procedures to be adopted in case of a suspected case of covid-19 and the definition of an isolation area.

According to the guidance, "those responsible for daycare centers, family daycare centers and nannies should guarantee a reduction in the number of children per room so that the distance between them is maximised, without compromising the normal functioning of playful and pedagogical activities".

When children are at tables, cribs or loungers, the physical distance between them should be maximised.

"Children and employees must be organised in fixed rooms, with each employee corresponding to only one group, and spaces must be defined according to the division, so that there is no contact between people from different groups", says the document.

In the event that there are spaces that are not being used due to the suspension of activities or the closure of social responses, DGS states that "the expansion of the daycare center to these spaces may be considered".

In rooms where children sit or lie on the floor, shoes should be left at the entrance, and parents or guardians may be asked to bring extra shoes (exclusively for the daycare center), a recommendation that also applies to employees.

Among other measures, officials should ask guardians not to let children bring toys or other unnecessary objects from home to the daycare center and to ensure regular washing of toys.

“Ensuring that children's safety is not compromised, the doors and / or windows of the rooms must be kept open, to promote air circulation”, asks DGS.

At siesta time, there should be a mattress for each child and ensure that they always use it, separating the mattresses from each other and maintaining the position of the feet and alternating heads.

During meals, travel to the room should be phased to reduce the crossing of children and places must be marked.

Among other measures, the guidance states that all employees must wear a surgical mask properly and that the space must be cleaned in accordance with the recommendations of the DGS.


Are everyone in Portugal's decision-making positions really completely out of their minds? No one, ever, under any circumstances will be able to follow all those rules you have drawn up, ever. You make rules, out of your imagination, without a basis of reality. Could you, quite honestly and honestly, be able to run your business or public service according to all these rules of your imagination? Are you all ready for a similar uprising as a result of which you already will be 50 years behind the civilized world? Suitable to test the patience of the people.

By Jussi from Lisbon on 13-05-2020 08:06
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