Deon Meyers is the undisputed king of crime fiction in South Africa. And his books have made appearances in various best-seller lists worldwide.
His last book ‘The Last Hunt’ revolves around two core stories.
A cold case lands on Captain Benny Griesel’s desk. Together with his partner Vaughn Cupido they reluctantly look at the evidence of ex-cop Johnson’s death on the world’s most luxurious trainline. Two passengers may have crucial information to help the investigation, but they seem to have disappeared. It appears he committed suicide but, upon close inspection, the evidence suggests otherwise.
The second story revolves around Daniel Darret. He currently lives a quiet life in Bordeaux. He is originally from South Africa, and has a violent past as an international hit man. He gets approached for his unique skills but will need to decide whether he wants to continue living quietly or whether to fight against a corrupt government. It is this storyline where Deon Meyer marries truth with fiction, elaborately taking a swipe at the corrupt centers in his own country.
Griesel is also wrestling with proposing to his girlfriend Alexa. Even Cupido is left with questions over his future.
Intrigue and skullduggery are in abundance in true Deon Meyer style.
The storylines do merge at the end in an unexpected and yet very satisfying way.
As a long time fan of Deon Meyer, this offering does not disappoint. The story is paced well and keeps you hanging until the end. This book is highly recommended by the reviewer and I look forward to the next installment in the Benny Griesel series.