Viva Card and other expired cards are valid during a state of emergency

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The Viva Lisboa Card and the Social +, 4-18 and Sub-23 transport tickets that have expired since 23 February, or that will expire during the state of emergency, will remain valid

In a statement, the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon said that the Lisboa Viva card and the profiles “that expired on 23 February, or that will expire while the State of Emergency lasts, remain valid and can be purchased without need face-to-face procedures”.

The measure was decided taking into account the existing social context and will be given during the period of validity of a state of emergency, on 2 April extended for another 15 days - until April 17 - or while the restrictive measures imposed are in force.

According to AML, in public transport the same rules apply for other types of documents, in order to avoid travel and contact of users, between themselves and with the other workers in charge of these tasks, for public health reasons.

The Public Transport Tariff Reduction Support Program (PART), which has been in operation for a year, has increased passengers in the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon by 18 percent and increased the passes sold in the Metropolitan Area of ??Porto by 38 percent.

In a PART balance, which celebrated a year on Wednesday, 1 April, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action said that "it was possible to create unique passes in Metropolitan Areas (in some cases the value of the pass has been reduced by more than 100 Euros) and to develop, in the Intermunicipal Communities, measures to reduce the price of monthly bills and to reinforce the transport offer".

Marking also the PART's 1st anniversary, AML's first secretary, Carlos Humberto Carvalho, considered that the Navegante pass "entered the lives of hundreds of thousands of users, who saw in the new system the certainty of freer and borderless mobility throughout the metropolitan region of Lisbon".

"Public transport has gained remarkable dynamism. More than 900,000 people have been covered by the Navegante system. The number of passengers who started using public transport more regularly has increased by more than 20 percent. The frequency of road, rail, river and metro reached, in all of them, a significant increase", declared Carlos Humberto Carvalho.


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