What will happen in Portugal on 15 September?

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Mainland Portugal will, as of Tuesday, 15 September, enter a state of contingency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, limiting gatherings to 10 people and with specific measures for the Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas.

In a meeting of the Council of Ministers a set of measures was approved that will be applied from Tuesday, the day on which continental Portugal will enter into a state of contingency to "control the pandemic", with the implementation of "preventive measures", considering this is a period when children are returning to schools and employees back to work.

In addition to the rules for most of mainland Portugal, Prime Minister António Costa announced specific measures for the Metropolitan Areas of Lisbon and Porto, where the risk of Covid-19 incidence is higher due to the "higher population density", determining scales of rotation between teleworking and face-to-face work and the obligation to delay entry and exit times at the workplace, as well as differentiated hours of breaks and meals for workers.

In the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the calamity situation was extended by the Regional Government until the end of September, while in the Autonomous Region of the Azores the same level was maintained until 15 September for the islands with air connections abroad - Santa Maria, São Miguel, Terceira, Pico and Faial - with the remaining four Azorean islands (Corvo, Graciosa, Flores and São Jorge) remaining on alert until that date.

Here are the details of restrictions and rules which will come into effect in Portugal on 15 September.

Mainland Portugal

In the context of the entry into force of the sate of contingency on Tuesday, which for most of the country replaces the state of alert in force since the beginning of July (with the exception of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which had remained in contingency), the following measures were determined by the Government:

- Gatherings limited to 10 people

- Commercial establishments can only open from 10:00am "with the exception of pastry shops, cafes, hairdressers and gyms"

- Limitation of the closing time of establishments between 8pm and 11pm, by municipal decision "according to the specific reality" in each municipality

- Restaurants can remain open until 1am and can receive customers until 12am for meals

- In shopping centre catering areas, a maximum of four people per group are allowed to "avoid large concentrations of people".

- Ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages at filling stations

- From 8pm, ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in all shops, with the exception of catering establishments with beverages served with meals

- Ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads, "to ensure that informal gatherings do not multiply".

Return to school

Between 14 and 17 September, the return to school in person implies the adoption of specific measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic:

- Re-adapting schools to the new health reality

- Contingency plans in all schools

- Distribution of personal protective equipment

- Rules for dealing with suspicious cases, positive cases or outbreaks

- In restaurants, cafes and pastries 300 meters from schools, maximum of four people per group

Nursing homes

- Setting up district rapid intervention brigades to contain and stabilise outbreaks in homes, involving doctors, nurses and diagnostic technicians

- There are "18 teams, which will all be operational by the end of this month and will involve a total of 400 people".

- The aim is to "act very quickly in the face of any outbreak in a home" to allow the earliest possible diagnosis


- Sporting venues will remain without spectators, considering the difference in people's behaviour between being in a football stadium or in a cinema or theatre

Specific measures for Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas

- The Government generally approved "for consultation by the social partners, a set of measures aimed at organising mirror work", with scales of rotation between teleworking and face-to-face work

- Obligation of time-lags, both in and out of workplaces, as well as during breaks and meals for workers

- Reduction of commuting, seeking to reduce the daily displacement of people between different municipalities. The Prime Minister called on companies in the two Metropolitan Areas, whenever possible, to adopt different timetables for the entry of employees to avoid crowds on public transport (two-thirds occupancy, wearing masks and social distancing).


Dear Aria, you are full of shit, and this twisted Attitude is what has killed over 180,000 Americans and counting. Do some research and stop spreading lies. A Patriotic American

By V from USA on 16-09-2020 03:13

Can someone explain to me how stopping the sale of alcoholic drinks after 8pm in shops stops Covid 19?? Also how going into a bar after 8pm and having to have something to eat prevents Covid 19?? I am slightly confused!!

By Liam Gardiner from Algarve on 16-09-2020 01:51

All you chicken littles out there need to do something more productive with your lives than create hysteria. You have fertile imaginations...don't waste them.

By William from Other on 15-09-2020 11:06

Dear Aria. The cdc has not reduced its covid19 deaths numbers. This was falls information spread about by peopke like Trump. It is fine if you do not want to believe everything, feel free to do so. But if so do definitely not believe everything that Trump said just because it follows what you believe.

By Patricia from Algarve on 14-09-2020 05:09

This BS continues until we're used to live in a dictatorship, they think. The WHO changend their discription of a pandemic a few years ago. It's enough that millions are infected, but not sick to call it a pandemic. Rediculous! Even the PCR Tests are a joke. The CDC Center of Desease Control has revisited the death toll of Covid 19. Down from 167.000 to 6000 in the US! The other's died with Covid not because of Covid. I can't understand how stupid people are to believe in this Corona lie.
We have had the biggest Crash of the markets in March 2020. Since then they are printing money like crazy to pump the markets. How convinient was the pandemic, that destracted people to not see the real monster behind the curtain. We're in a big big depression and they try to take our rights because they fear our reactions when there is not enough food for all of us. The pandemic measures will not help them, nor us.

By Aria from Alentejo on 14-09-2020 01:01

What about vegetables which have been handled dozens of times be different people on the way to the market and food stores! Vegetables can carry vivid 19!!.Also ban these plastic frontal guards make sure the masks are face covering and medical size mesh that covers asbestos standard protection.

By David from Algarve on 13-09-2020 12:25

Arw children included in the rule of 10?

By John Edwards from Lisbon on 13-09-2020 10:40

Will you please inform me where is mainland Portugal?

By John Carvalho from Other on 13-09-2020 05:17

Sorry this situation has happened again for you I've just had a great stay at Olhus de agua and am returning tmw night to UK after a great vacation at Tui blue falesia to 2weeks of quarantine. This is my first time in Portugal but definitely not my last and I look forward to returning in the near future, beautiful country and beautiful people. ❤️

By Gaz from Algarve on 12-09-2020 06:38

Please check the facts instead of repeating from i would think sic. I have just read the governments comunicado and there is absolutely no mention of comercial establishments only opening at 10h. That situation stays the same as before.

By Patricia van 't hoff from Algarve on 12-09-2020 04:14

Even more frightened stupidity. This will not work.

By Martin from Lisbon on 12-09-2020 10:27

All this for what?
Please wake up, people. This is not about a virus, it's an exercise in tyranny. Prepare for a long winter, Santos is feeling really trigger happy.

By Robert from Porto on 12-09-2020 09:11

For those of us who are "awake", here comes the second wave. All part of the agenda.

By susan from Alentejo on 12-09-2020 07:31

Can anybody explain me how making shops open later will help combat covid19? Everybody will have to shop with less hours available thus the concentration of clients will be bigger

By Patricia from Algarve on 12-09-2020 06:19

Tout ceci n'est qu'un début...attendons nous au pire!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 11-09-2020 08:27

Nothing about better and safer ventilation systems in nursing homes? Has the Portuguese government in all their wisdom ever considered the fact that the virus might spread through aerosols, especially indoors?

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 11-09-2020 04:12
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