Where have all the scooters gone?

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Where have all the scooters gone?

Ten months after they were announced to promote mobility in the Algarve, electric scooters have been removed from the streets of Faro and Portimão, sources linked to the project told Lusa.

The two cities were the only ones in the Faro district that provided a network of shared scooters for rental - in Faro since February and in Portimão since July - but the companies that operated them have decided to suspend operations.

Luís Guerreiro, head of the subcontractor to ensure Voi’s logistics operation in Faro, told Lusa that the removal of the scooters was due to the “lack of profitability” of the operation and the need to “strengthen other markets”.

The other company operating in Faro and Portimão, the German Circ, also took its scooters off the streets, but a source of the company hired for logistics in the Algarve explained that they were “placed in Lisbon”, with no information “if they will return to the Algarve”.

On the streets of Faro, the 300 scooter parking places created by the council are now empty, but Sophie Matias, who is responsible for mobility in the municipality said she had established an agreement with the company Bolt, and another one still “in the pipeline”.

At the moment, this type of mobility is “a little experimental”, so both operators and cities are experimenting and Faro ended up being “a pilot too”.

In Portimão, Circ removed the 100 scooters after the trial period agreed between the council and the company ended in October. There is currently no company operating in the rental of scooters in Portimão.

The Swedish company Voi was the first in Portugal to provide electric scooters in more than one city, but announced at the end of October that it would stop operating in Portugal, mobilising the scooters to other European cities.


Nuts ! These scooters are great fun, BUT you do need smooth pavements and decent, wide and pothole free roads! With their love of basalt cobblestones and a penchant for driving their cars too close to cyclists, these little E scooters are totally unsuited to Portugal !

By Stu from Algarve on 02-12-2019 04:10

Good! These are a public nuisance and should not be in pedestrian areas. The most egregious use I saw of scooters was in Lisbon, where a number of people thought it was a good idea to ride them up to the castle, spoiling the walk and creating a hazard for those of us who have not decided to give up the use of our legs, just yet!

By Stuart from Algarve on 29-11-2019 05:04

In San Diego, California, scooters have been nothing but a danger to the public.
People have frequently crashed these scooters and some have killed themselves. It is like that all across the United States.
People text and do not pay attention to where they are going and run into pedestrians. In general, they are also an eye sore in the communities and neighborhoods of San Diego County. And they get discarded into the ocean. It is a lose, lose situation for society.
Just walk or ride a bicycle. It will be goof for you. I do!

By Marc J Moniz from USA on 23-11-2019 04:43
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