Norman’s story
Norman and his wife Doreen moved to Praia da Luz from the UK in 2000.

When Norman’s wife of 55 years was diagnosed with cancer, Norman became her dedicated full-time carer. Madrugada provided valuable support throughout Doreen’s illness at home, including the delivery of medical equipment to ensure Doreen’s comfort. Madrugada also provided emotional and practical support to Norman when he most needed it after the loss of his wife. He was part of the bereavement group for 6 months and through his regular visits to the Support Centre became acquainted with Judith Sullivan, the Retail Manager for the Madrugada Charity Shops. At Judith´s suggestion, Norman became a volunteer at the shop in Lagoa where he has since become a member of the Lagoa Shop “family”. And, when he realised Madrugada could use a delivery van at their Lagoa shop, he donated one in memory of his wife.

Imogen’s story
Imogen became a volunteer at Madrugada Homestore in 2016, a year after her grandmother had received end of life care from the charity. And, a little over a year from the time Imogen had suffered a stroke. Imogen’s road to recovery from the stroke was a long one especially as she lost her ability to speak. To this day she is unable to speak Portuguese but has regained her ability to speak English. She also taught herself to write lefthanded as she lost all movement in her right arm.

Imogen says her volunteer work at Madrugada’s Lagos Homestore has helped her recover. Interacting with the clients, working the till, pricing new stock, and walking the shop have contributed to her ability to speak again. She is glad to be part of a cause that helps people at end of life especially after seeing how Madrugada helped her granny. Most of all, she enjoys working with the other volunteers who have become part of her personal road to recovery from her stroke.

Testimonial from the family of a Madrugada patient in Luz
“It is with great thanks that James and I send this email to you and your team.

Losing our Mum, Shirley, was an extremely difficult time, but we both feel that our ability to deal with the situation and remain strong for Mum and Michael was no doubt aided by yourselves.

Shirley’s four grandchildren have done an amazing job at raising money for Madrugada. The eldest, ran a marathon over the month of May; at the age of 8 you can appreciate this is a huge achievement. I should also give credit to her brother for keeping up with her! The other two each swam 60m a day in Mum’s pool whilst we were visiting Michael in June. At the age of 5 and 3 this was a fantastic achievement.

We know that Mum would have been super proud of them, not only of their achievements but their desire to donate money to your charity. The children have a good understanding of Madrugada, they appreciate that Nanny needed nurses to look after her and that the money raised will help another family receive the same care and support Nanny did.”