Portugal sets up taskforce to prepare COVID-19 vaccine distribution

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 19-11-2020 09:40:00 · 9 Comments

Portugal has set up a taskforce to come up with a COVID-19 vaccination strategy and hopes to be prepared to start distributing shots as early as January.

Health Minister Marta Temido said experts were working to decide which groups should get the vaccine first as well as distribution logistics from transport to storage. She said vaccines that could arrive in January were part of one of several agreements made between the EU and pharmaceutical companies.

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I see a couple of fruit loop conspiracy theorists have made it on to the comments. Publishing their demented wanderings does nothing to help fight this virus.

By Ian from Lisbon on 23-01-2021 01:36

I would like to know the brand name of the vaccine that will be available here in Portugal. Thank you.

By Margarida Prieto from Porto on 04-12-2020 02:49

Why, Portugal News, haven't you published my comment about the truth behind this Covid19 vaccine and the big Pharma? Are you now censoring your readers?!

Whatever happens to us, happens to you - you won't get any special treatment.

Given that they're destroying true science, real journalism, real medicine.......they'll probably say you're on the front line too and therefore in the high risk category to be 1st in line for the vaccine.

Start reporting the reality of what's happening here.........you have children, grandchildren, family - can you sleep knowing what future awaits them and that you helped make that future hell on earth for them?

For gods sake....wake up!

By Sarah L from Other on 20-11-2020 08:16

For a virus that kills less then 0,0 something % of the population. Trust your leaders.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 20-11-2020 01:00

The vaccine should be given to those elderly people and the children who are at the high risk. good luck to all

By shrawan from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 11:31

The Vaccine should be given to those elderly and children who are at risk zone first. good luck to all

By shrawan from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 11:28

Vaccinate the politicians first!

If they live or die don't bother vaccinating the educated population that know what's in this unhealthy shot!!!!

By Mohammed from Algarve on 19-11-2020 03:33

No thanks, it's an mRNA vaccine - 1st ever of it's kind, completely new to the market.....they openly admit they only have a few months of testing to observe & for anyone who knows a bit more about existing vaccine testing & trials, will know even these are totally corrupt & flawed:-

(1) placebos aren't nothing as Joe Public thinks, they actually use other vaccines in the placebo group,
(2) big Pharma are actually 'allowed' to set their own tests I.e. they're not going to set a trial to fail are they,
(3) big Pharma have no liability &,
(4) the vaccine approval bodies are heavily funded by......you guessed it, the big Pharma.

Sound independent to you?

These 'new' vaccines are also highly fragile - must be stored at -70°C or the vaccines will "spoil".....does that mean there's an additional risk if they're not stored right?!

Just 1 example, Prof Michal Linial, a professor of biological chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was asked if she'd be taking the vaccine and her response was "I won't be taking it immediately - we have to wait and see whether it really works"

In the UK the MHRA have openly acknowledged the need to monitor the expected high volume of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to this new vaccine.

We are nothing more than lab rats!!!!!

By Sarah L from Other on 19-11-2020 03:20

Will those wishing to receive a vaccine be given proper informed consent?

This is an experimental vaccine with no long term safety studies and no manufacturer liability.

For a disease with an survival rate of over 99.97%

And has fleeced the tax payer for BILLIONS.

Good luck to those who wish to be lab rats.

By miquel from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 02:57
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