Portugal set to extend virus emergency

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 19-11-2020 09:42:00 · 7 Comments

The government has acknowledged that it is struggling to withstand a second wave of the coronavirus, preparing to extend infection control measures and a state of emergency for two more weeks.

The country’s most-affected regions will see emergency regulations prolonged beyond Monday, including an overnight and weekend curfew. The new rules will see a three-tier system introduced depending on the infection risk in each county. Based on the latest risk map, the eight Algarve counties currently facing restrictions could see measures eased as from next week.

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Interesse in algarve

By Rutten from Algarve on 20-11-2020 11:57

As predicted; rolling-lockdowns until all is destroyed. Trust your leaders.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 20-11-2020 12:55

Keep safe every one!

By Jonelyn from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 07:50

Pleas send the news in portugues. Thank your.

By Börje Andersson from Other on 19-11-2020 06:56

The 'Real'' news the authorities don't want you to know:

"Portuguese Appeals Court Deems PCR tests "Unreliable” & deemed the forced confinement of people in quarantine centres: “Unlawful”"


Got to dig deep for the truth my friends ! ;-)
Good news is that its out there and people are waking up fast !

By Manuel Ortega from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 04:35

3-tier system.....sounds awfully like what the brits did a few weeks back (unsuccessfully - people rightly ignored it & were out in their droves) - again, we're seeing the same narrative & restrictions implemented all over the West ????

Covid19 is over (seasonal cold virus) and with it our freedom if we don't all take the muzzles off, re-open our businesses and get back to the good life pre this 'plandemic'.

By Sarah L from Other on 19-11-2020 03:00

Is the Government willing to provide any evidence that lockdowns and restrictions are effective?

I am unaware of any studies which suggest they are. There any several good quality studies which show they are NOT effective and perhaps make things worse

Why no reporting on the Portuguese Supreme Court ruling on the PCR test not being reliable and any quarantine based upon it being unlawful?

Why no reporting on the Danish mask studies which show no statistical benefit to mask wearing?

#Whyaretheydoingthis ?

By miquel from Lisbon on 19-11-2020 02:52
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