Such as, paying for needed child surgeries, medicines, wheelchairs, various needed therapies and much needed school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

In addition, to providing for these tremendous needs they also offer day to day care.

For example, throughout the year ACCA sponsors children with days out: with trips to ZooMarine, Aqua show, excursions to Municipal pools, a day out at the beach or watching the latest action hero or cartoon at the cinema. In addition, ACCA fills in a void for for children that are out of school for the summer and have loads of unsupervised free time on their hands. ACCA steps in and pays for summer camps for many children that would otherwise be at home watching television all day or getting up to mischief in the streets, because no one is at home to manage their idle time. This is a dynamic which exists due to the fact that the parents must work and cannot afford to pay for extracurricular activities. ACCA President, Wanda Crawford says “we the ACCA team and volunteers get the pleasure of witnessing the fascination and pure joy on the faces of awe struck youngsters.”

Now at this time of the year ACCA volunteers are extremely busy, keeping in direct contact with Santa in the North Pole to coordinate the Angel programme with the unwavering support of the community at large. Together we make it possible for poor children to enjoy the gift of giving at Christmas time.

We are in the midst of organising over 2,350 Angel gifts to impoverished youngsters.

Help us with these endeavours, whether you want to fundraise for us, volunteer for us or just choose one of the many ways to donate, your help will be received with open arms.

The only people more grateful to you than the ACCA board, are the young people whose lives you will significantly improve in so many ways.

We have many ways you can help. Please choose the one that suits you best. Whatever contribution you bestow upon ACCAKIDS will be received with love and compassion.

The pandemic and the mandate to social distance has made our work even more challenging. Due to the fact that we cannot fundraise like we normally would throughout the year, we need your help now more than ever.
To get involved through volunteering or make a donation directly to the ACCA charity:
Bank account or email or call 919617995.
Wanda Crawford