Something that would give owners the security that they didn’t have and guests the hope that a holiday was still possible.
So, we introduced SandyBlue longer stays to do just that!

What are SandyBlue Longer Stays?
Holiday makers want to make up for lost time and owners want to welcome guests back to the Algarve. This has already begun because of our ‘Longer Stays’ proposition.

While a longer stay abroad seems like a commitment, SandyBlue’s offering is not like a traditional long-term rental. We take care of our guests and the property owners. In a long-term let, it is often the guests who deal with cleaning, utilities and all other aspects of the stay. With ‘Longer Stays’, we do the hard work.

We take charge of all requirements to ensure a stress-free visit; weekly maid services, fast Wi-Fi, a dedicated property manager and SandyBlue guest experience manager. With bills included, it’s a proposition that prioritises great value for money.

Helping owners get the most from their properties
For owners, Longer Stays guarantees a steady stream of revenue and tapping into this market will only attract more guests. To keep owners at even more ease, we will liaise with guests for the whole stay - a unique ‘Longer Stays’ feature that takes all the pressure off the owners.

We really do encourage property owners to observe these trends. With many of the owners we partner with opting into longer term rentals, the market for new guests has been widened more than ever before. It’s a market we will always help owners tap into.

It’s not just about new guests either. One market SandyBlue taps into, which many companies don’t, is repeat guests. A common trend we’ve observed in the many years of SandyBlue, is that repeat guests often return to the same property annually. The familiarity they have of the villa and the Algarve is a powerful thing!

It’s why we check in with our guests so often. For owners, this pool of repeat visitors is vital to ongoing success, especially now people are extending holidays.

Longer Stays are becoming the new normal
As mentioned, our proposition has already taken off, with many guests currently in a long-term rental since September.

There has been a huge spike in enquiries for longer stays and not just from our busiest markets in the UK and Ireland. An increase in interest from France, Germany and Switzerland shows that our marketing of this offering is capturing global attention. Now, we want to shine that attention on our wonderful portfolio of properties.

It’s not just families booking extended stays either. Statistics from the UK show that 57% of people believe companies will increase working from home and remote working opportunities. We really believe longer stays will continue to flourish with this new approach to work. We provide superior facilities, so remote working in the Algarve means professional lives won’t come to a standstill. In fact, we think it will enhance them!

A versatile way to travel
SandyBlue Longer Stays is truly rejuvenating the Algarve villa rental space and our five-star service remains the same. With requests of one month, three months and even twelve-month rentals, we expect to welcome many more guests.
Whether they want to relax or find a base for remote working, our offering provides guests the versatility they need and the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Algarve once again!

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