At SandyBlue, we were not going to allow these procedures to alter the way our team worked together to provide exceptional service to our owner partners and our guests. On the contrary, we used it as an opportunity to invest in our core team and improve the synergy and communication across the different teams even more.

This step to success is called ‘cohesive teamwork’. As part of our ‘Ten steps to villa rental success’ series, this is the third installment and one of the most important. The people behind SandyBlue have an unwavering passion for what we do and coming together to tackle the hurdles together was what really helped us stand out.

Investing in the team

As we discussed in our first article, communication was absolutely key from the get go. This was not only for guests and owners, but across the SandyBlue team too. Developing a well communicated strategy across marketing, guest experience and the property management team was the top priority.

Last week, we revealed dynamic marketing as one of our ten steps to success. Expanding this team allowed us to deliver key messages on social media, update our website instantly and keep our database updated with urgent developments.

Further to this, we introduced multilingual villa specialists who could not only communicate the marketing messages for other audiences, but help with many of the many questions from guests. This allowed us to maintain a high standard of service, meaning our owners were not missing out.

The operations team was also strengthened and worked tirelessly to maintain the properties, offer suggestions and drive the ‘Clean & Safe’ protocol for the business. It showed us that investing in a great team and ensuring great communication across departments benefited our owners, guests and the team itself.

Offering a great experience to more markets

As our team grew with more multilingual villa specialists, it meant we were able to offer a great service to the many enquiries across different markets. However, we wanted to go beyond great client service...we wanted the SandyBlue experience to continue standing out and delivering a fantastic villa experience.

With local businesses like bars, restaurants and leisure activities off the list throughout lockdown, we further invested in our in-resort guest experience team. The goal with this was to offer in-villa experiences that meant the guest still got a holiday experience and a taste of the Algarve. From private chefs to beauty treatments, offering these alongside the villas let guests realise they wouldn’t be missing out. Furthermore, the experience team put much of their focus into the entire journey, from booking to post departure feedback. This in turn allowed owners to hear all about the experience and work with us on any significant feedback.

A team with a mission

The entire SandyBlue team had one shared goal - enhancing the service and experience of guests and owners alike. Thanks to smart and cohesive teamwork, we were able to deliver this throughout the pandemic. It won’t stop here as our team grows and continues to put our clients as the top priority.

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