Helping property owners maximise their return will always be a passion for our team. By extension, we provide a fantastic guest experience not just for SandyBlue to get recognition, but for the properties to shine in their own right.

We want to share a few ideals we follow at SandyBlue, for ourselves and for our property owners!

Be diverse in your approach

You must think of new ways to make your property stand out. We love identifying unique selling points for every property, which we then market to thousands of people with dynamic marketing campaigns throughout Europe.

We also have an operations team who do everything they can to make your property one to remember. From dedicated cleaning teams to fabulous photoshoots, they have got you covered.

On top of this, the team have also introduced an exclusive window cleaning service and partnered with local businesses to offer in-villa services. All of this hard work, while maintaining regular bi-monthly inspections to ensure properties are in order...five star service is what we are all about.

You need to be adaptable

2020 has proven that being able to adapt is important, especially in the villa rental space. We prioritise updating owners with every development, which means we can discuss on how to improve and what changes can be made.

For SandyBlue, our longer stays offering is an example of this. We do all the hard work required for a longer-term rental, so owners won’t need to find it daunting. We liaise with guests for their entire stay and deal with all communications. This rising trend will guarantee a steady stream of revenue for property owners, so adapting to key trends like this one is important for 2021 success.

Let SandyBlue help you

We have a busy bookings calendar for 2021! With that in mind, we’re confident we can help new property owners find great success in the year to come.