It has been a great success; however it isn’t the only rising trend we’ve seen this year. Particularly in the latter half of 2020, we’ve been closely analysing these trends so we can capitalise on these for our property owners!

New markets appear across Europe
While we’ve always had enquiries across Europe, the UK & Ireland markets have been huge for us. This hasn’t changed, though the back and forth travel restrictions meant we had to think fast to adapt our sales and marketing strategy to maximise occupancy.
Our five star service is not exclusive to our guest experience and owner partnerships. We inject this passion into our marketing strategy, so that the great experience begins as soon as people first discover us. It also means we’re doing everything possible to get properties in front of thousands of people.
Because of this marketing push, we’ve cast our net wider than before. In October alone, we saw a 667% increase in enquiries from Germany. Other countries that have responded well to our marketing campaigns include France, Switzerland and many more!
Furthermore, the rise of the ‘staycation’ should not be ignored. We saw a 576% increase in enquiries from Portuguese nationals and we feel 2021 will see this continue. Not everyone will be ready to travel overseas, but a break closer to home will still be available to them.
Offering more value
Of course, these travel trends go beyond marketing strategy and insights. Once the guests actually arrive, there’s so much more to offer. Despite the rollercoaster year, it has given us opportunities to try new things.
SandyBlue’s operations team has been simply fantastic this year. Every detail in what they do, from the booking process to beyond the guest checkout, is flawless. The team were able to offer more in-villa services to guests who preferred to stay at their villa - from in-villa chefs to physio appointments, we wanted to give guests only the best.
For owners, the operations team worked tirelessly to continue our five star service, despite some obstacles. We have introduced an exclusive window cleaning service, while maintaining our regular bi-monthly inspections to ensure everything is in order.
We also have to mention the fantastic cleaning team, who are constantly trained on the latest protocols. We have very high standards of cleaning and use quality cleaning products as well as special disinfectants. SandyBlue is Clean & Safe certified and follows all the rigorous rules for Covid-19 prevention as per Portuguese Government’s recommendations.
These measures have allowed both guests and owners to feel reassured that they are in good hands!

Adapting to these trends
If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the SandyBlue team knows how to adapt quickly! These trends are very positive, meaning the Algarve has the opportunity to flourish and continue welcoming guests like no other place can. With new demographics and nationalities showing interest in the region, adapting immediately is the key to success.
Speaking with so many people across the globe, the response and approach to the pandemic varies in every country. Our messaging about why the Algarve is a safe destination has to be universal, though we made sure to understand how new and returning guests would react and engage.
This allowed us to be more dynamic in our approach. Targeted campaigns, informative content and regular updates are just some of many ways we are keeping the Algarve in the minds of global tourists. With a reservations team fluent in over six languages, we want to continue in being accessible to everyone – by extension, the Algarve will remain accessible too.

Looking forward to 2021
Already, we can see these small changes make a huge difference. Diversification of guests will continue as a trend, so it’s up to us to continue showing that the Algarve is the place to be! It’s beautiful, safe and is becoming the hottest destination globally!

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