Covid cases reach new high in the Algarve

in News · 30-11-2020 10:27:00 · 2 Comments

Officials in the Algarve have warned that the number Covid-19 infections is far from being under control as cases hit a new high.

Sagres, Lagos, Portimão and Faro are said to be the areas that are the worst affected.

At current rates, Portimão and Vila do Bispo could move up to counties which are on high risk when the list is updated later this week.

The change in status will result in greater restrictions in movement and early closures of stores, bars and restaurants.

See updated information relating to restrictions in each municipality here

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Protect your family, and kids, refuse any so called vaccines,

Now the facts,
just coming out!
Here’s latest, on RT,

Warning for everyone,
Warning to people! Choose to ignore the reality at risk of putting your life in danger with the globalists now, takeover!

Or open your eyes!

“The UK’s medicines and healthcare regulator has urged people with a history of ‘significant’ allergic reactions not to opt for the Pfizer vaccine, after two NHS medics, vaccinated on Tuesday, experienced severe reactions.”

By Terry from UK on 09-12-2020 01:52

More info, that the pandemic is a hoax!
The data from testing is falsely inflated to maintain illusion of panic and fear, this illusion is being maintained by heads of the political medical depts, who follow orders from who, wef, in, Eu, who in turn are all funded controlled by George soros and globalists who have engineered this phony pandemic!
These lockdowns are killing millionss of people! Far more than any virus.

By Guy from Other on 01-12-2020 11:32
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