Mass Sterilisation truly is the only way forward when the number of unwanted dogs and puppies, cats and kittens has to be reduced.
-There are many reasons for sterilisation and castration; for SOSAA the main objective is population management in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals,which end up living in overcrowded shelters.
Another and long-term benefit of spaying and neutering is the improved health for both cats and dogs. Spaying females prior to their first heat cycle nearly eliminates the risk of breast cancer and totally prevents uterine infections and uterine cancer. Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate gland, and greatly reduces their risk for perianal tumours. It has been proven that sterilised dogs and cats tend to live longer.
Unfortunately the problem of abandonment and unwanted animals in the Algarve is still immense, even after SOS Algarve Animals has sterilised thousands of animals over the years. In 2019 alone we managed to fund the sterilisations of almost 1200 animals! This does not mean it is not effective, but it just shows how big the problem really is.
The governments’ initiatives are encouraging, but are by no means enough and will not achieve a visible difference in the near and foreseeable future.
Despite Covid19, our figures for the first 9 months of 2020 don’t lie: 736 animals sterilised, of which 450 cats, 259 dogs, 27 others, total bill: €39,877,31 all privately funded!
We have to continue in our efforts, and we will make a difference.
Fundraising has been extremely difficult. We asked the Art Community in the Algarve to donate artwork for a 2021 calendar, and their response has been overwhelming. We printed 3 different successful and beautiful calendars and we have also had greeting cards printed of each of the pictures featured in the calendars. The original artworks will be sold at a fundraising auction at a later stage hoping to raise more much needed funds.