João Cadete de Matos was speaking in Alenquer, in the district of Lisbon, at the closing session and review of the migration process of the digital terrestrial television network (DTT) in mainland Portugal, marked by the change of the issuer in that municipality.

Asked about the operators' challenge in court, the president of the regulatory body said that "Anacom follows the process with complete peace of mind", stressing that all that has been done has been in "strict compliance with the law".

Incumbents contest the regulation of the fifth generation (5G) license allocation process, having filed several lawsuits, complaints to Brussels and precautionary measures.

"There were already precautionary measures to interrupt the process" and this "was not suspended", continued the regulator, answering questions from journalists, in the closing session of the DTT migration in mainland Portugal, in which he was accompanied by the Mayor of Lisbon. Alenquer, Pedro Folgado.

"We are confident that the courts will obviously analyse everything that is today, but what is important is that, step by step, the country will not be late in this process," he said.

The migration process of DTT, which is essential for the development of 5G, was interrupted this year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The migration of DTT on the continent ends today, with the Azores and Madeira starting this week.

Today "we mark an important point in the preparation of 5G in Portugal [...], we are here at Alenquer City Hall to tune in the last antenna", said João Cadete de Matos, stressing that it is a "decisive step" for the allocation of 5G licenses.