New state of emergency eases travel restrictions

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 09-12-2020 12:00:00 · 2 Comments

Travel between counties is once again allowed in Portugal after restrictions were lifted at midnight.

The renewal of the state of emergency has only called for this measure to be re-introduced during the week of the New Year. However, 113 high-risk counties, none of which are in southern Portugal, will have a curfew in place over the weekend from 1pm. The current measures in place will be re-evaluated in nine days from now, with the hope being some of them will be lifted due to a decrease in infection rates.

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Its been exposed!

Pandemic is scam!

Team of lawyers, indie international team of top scientists, doctors plus the FORMER HEAD VIROLOGIST OF PFIZER! Mike yeadon,

Have come out, and EXPOSED THIS F***

The pandemic is scam! Fake! So is the phony vaccine!

Read on, just out now on rt.

BBC, cnn, won’t tell o, they are part the problem, there all in on it!

Are You waking up yet?

By Gary from Lisbon on 09-12-2020 10:12

Protect your family, and kids, refuse any so called vaccines,

Now the facts,
just coming out!
Here’s latest, on RT,

*** A Warning for everyone,

“The UK’s medicines and healthcare regulator has urged people with a history of ‘significant’ allergic reactions not to opt for the Pfizer vaccine, after two NHS medics, vaccinated on Tuesday, experienced severe reactions.”

By Terry from UK on 09-12-2020 01:42
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