Covid responsible for 95.3% of increase in deaths in November

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More than 95 percent of the increase in deaths that occurred in Portugal between 2 and 29 November was due to deaths by Covid-19, according to data released by INE, which was based on averages over the past five years.

In the last four weeks (2 to 29 November) there were 2,009 more deaths than the average recorded in the same period of 2015-2019, says INE, indicating that 1,915 of these deaths were caused by Covid-19, representing 95.3 percent of the increase observed in this period.

Of the total deaths from March 2 to November 29, 43,600 were men and 44,192 women, plus 4,742 and 6,034 deaths, respectively, than the average number of deaths in the same period of 2015-2019.

More than 70 percent of deaths were of people aged 75 years or over. Compared to the average number of deaths observed in the period, 9,151 more people aged 75 and older died, of which 6,834 were aged 85 and older.

Of the total deaths recorded between March 2 and November 29, 52,741 occurred in hospitals and 35,051 outside the hospital context, corresponding to increases of 4,231 and 6,545 deaths, respectively, in relation to the average of deaths in 2015-2019 in the same period.

The greatest increase was registered in the North region, except for the last week of June, the first of July, the last of September and the first of October, when it was higher in the Metropolitan Area of ??Lisbon.

Considering the comparative evolution of mortality in Portugal with the two countries geographically closest, Spain and France, INE highlights “the significantly higher increase in excess mortality in the first weeks of the pandemic, especially in Spain, in relation to what was observed in Portugal ”.

“The number of covid-19 deaths provides only a partial measure of these effects. A more comprehensive measure of the impact on mortality can be provided by the difference between the number of deaths, by all causes of death, in 2020 and the average of the last five years (2015-2019), despite other effects on mortality, such as seasonal flu and hot or cold spikes in temperature”, says the INE.

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It is s that the fact to have at if possible patients die from cancer or heart attack the still mark it corona death

By Jon from Alentejo on 12-01-2021 10:07

Questions, how many people particularly old people died of flu in previous years? What did the Government ever do about it other than collect research for a reason no one could determine. What has since happened to flu deaths of previous years? or are these deaths being recirculated as covid19 pandemic?

By Ms from Other on 01-01-2021 10:48

Still about corona. When will the climate lockdowns start?

By Pedro from Lisbon on 12-12-2020 12:35

What counts are the annual figures which should be available in a month or so. I hope that the Covid responsibility was proven by autopsy and not guessed by assumeing that everybody with a positive test died from Covid.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 12-12-2020 09:01

There’s no pandemic!

Stop spreading fear and lies, do some research,

This not not journalism, report the truth, stop spreading fear lies.with these dramatic headlines, with no facts data provided!

By Churchill from USA on 12-12-2020 08:30

I do not like inaccuracy about this fake news virus for ratings and money. People that do fake media news are subject to management demand to have ratings or sell paper. What sells best is fear, panic and hate but being accurate in low,

Numbers do not lie but liars use NUMBERS. Finding accurate numbers then see relationships and being accurate on consequences from the numbers. THEN what are the consequences using fake numbers affects the economy. When Government makes limitation on people freedom ALWAYS negative on the economy. Fear makes poverty if government with fake news limits freedom of transaction.

if government create poverty, destroy people well to work and depression is the affect base on bad ideas. History that created this virus ideas. First why the panic over a flu virus? Two schools one is Liberal State of USA and one in England created Computer model of numbers of death.

Then NYT liberal News paper wanted to sell papers. NYT picked largest death computer model numbers printed the numbers. Once NYT publish the numbers they liked big news outlets used those numbers to get ratings. A group of DC people using this fear created by NYT numbers number of death. Big government felt they had to limit things to protect citizens bases on computer model numbers which was WRONG.

Then Democrats using fear generated by Fake news for political ends. Democrats to win the 2020 election had to destroy the economy to win. The economy was so good with the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Democrat are socialist and big government is what they do. They made up rules that override Constitutional freedom. We are going into depression from decisions from government and they were wrong.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 11-12-2020 11:52
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