Under the new state of emergency to combat the pandemic, in force between Friday, 15 January and 23:59 on 30 January, and which applies to the entire territory of mainland Portugal, the activities and establishments which may remain open to the public have been deemed to provide goods or services of prime necessity or considered essential in the present situation.

Here is the full list

1- Grocery stores, mini-markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets;

2- Fruit shops, butcheries, fish shops, bakeries;

3- Fairs and markets, "for the provision of basic necessities or other goods considered essential in the present conjuncture, in the places where this activity is necessary to guarantee access to such goods by the population";

4- Agri-food production and distribution;

5- Fishing docks;

6- Catering and beverages for home delivery, directly or through an intermediary, as well as for the provision of meals or packaged products at the door of the establishment or for 'take-away';

7- E-commerce activities, as well as service activities that are provided at a distance, without contact with the public, or that develop their activity through electronic platforms;

8- Medical or other health and social support services;

9- Pharmacies and places of sale of non-prescription medicine

10- Medical and orthopaedic products establishments;

11- Opticians;

12- Cosmetic and hygiene products establishments;

13- Natural and dietetic products establishments;

14- Essential public services and their repair and maintenance (water, electricity, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gases piped, electronic communications, postal services, wastewater collection and treatment services, sewage collection and treatment services, urban solid waste management and hygiene services and passenger transport services);

15- Services related to the supply of water, the collection and treatment of waste water and/or waste generated within the framework of the activities or establishments referred to in this Annex and the authorised activities;

16- Newsagents and tobacco shops (newspapers, tobacco);

17- Social games, ie. lottery

18- Medical-veterinary care centres;

19- Establishments for the sale of pets and feed;

20- Establishments selling flowers, plants, seeds and fertilisers and chemical and biological phytosanitary products;

21- Establishments for the washing and dry cleaning of textiles and leather;

22- “Drogarias”;

23- Hardware shops and do-it-yourself outlets;

24- Fuel filling stations and electric vehicle loading stations;

25- Domestic fuel sales outlets;

26- Establishments for the trade, maintenance and repair of bicycles, motor vehicles and motorbikes, tractors and agricultural and industrial machinery, ships and boats, as well as the sale of parts and accessories and towing services;

27- Establishments for the sale and repair of household appliances, computer and communications equipment;

28- Banking, financial and insurance services;

29- Funeral and related activities;

30- Home maintenance and repair services;

31- Security or home surveillance services

32- Cleaning, disinfecting and similar activities;

33- Home delivery services;

34- Vending machines;

35- Activity by itinerant sellers, for the provision of basic necessities or other goods considered essential in the present conjuncture, in the localities where this activity, according to the decision of the municipality, is necessary to guarantee the population access to essential goods;

36- The activity of hiring goods vehicles without a driver ('rent-a-cargo');

37- The hiring of passenger cars without a driver ('rent-a-car')

38- Provision of services for the implementation or improvement of fuel management networks;

39- Establishments for the sale of irrigation equipment and materials, as well as products related to winemaking;

40- Establishments for the sale of plant protection products and biocides;

41- Establishments for the sale of veterinary medicinal products;

42- Establishments where medical services or other health and social support services are provided, namely hospitals, clinics, dental clinics and emergency medical-veterinary care centres, as well as the support services integrated in these locations;

43- Educational, teaching and vocational training establishments, crèches, centres for occupational activities and spaces where full-time school responses are provided, which include activities to encourage and support the family, the family support component and curricular enrichment;

44- Technical inspection centres for vehicles and examination centres;

45- Hotels, tourist establishments and local accommodation establishments, as well as establishments guaranteeing student accommodation;

46- Service activities integrating motorways, namely service areas and petrol stations;

47- Petrol stations not covered by the previous paragraph and electric vehicle charging stations;

48- Establishments situated within airports situated in the continental territory, after passenger security check

49- Canteens or canteens in regular operation;

50- Other collective catering units whose catering services are carried out under a continuing contract;

51- Notaries;

52- Activities and establishments listed in the previous paragraphs, even if integrated in shopping centres.