Supermarkets will not be able to sell non food items

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Supermarkets and hypermarkets will be prevented from next week from selling non-food items, such as clothes, books and decorative objects, the Minister of State and Economy said.

The diploma that will limit the sale of some products in large stores will come into force next week, giving the sector time to remove these items from the shelves.

“We determined the closure of a set of commercial activities and retail stores and what is foreseen is that it will be possible to limit the sale in super or hypermarkets, large food distribution areas, the type of products that are sold in stores whose closure is determined [in this new general lockdown] ”, said Siza Vieira.

The Minister of Economy stated that the measure is "currently being regulated" and will enter into force "from the beginning of next week".

Items to be removed from the shelves, according to Siza Vieira, include decorative products, sports equipment, books and textiles, that is, articles sold in retail stores that have been forced to close their doors from today.

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This is a takeover! What hell has books, clothes, etc to do with a virus? A virus that has a 99.7% survival rate!

This is a tyranny, and these political buffoons behind these orders, and imposing this nightmare upon us must be liquidated ASAP.

The pandemic is a lie, the data is false, the vaccine is not a vaccine, the whole thing is a organised take down of the western economy, to facilitate a so called great reset, by communist globalist XXXX!

Resist, do not obey them, refuse, open your businesses now!

By J. Assange from USA on 18-01-2021 09:49

This is insane! We cannot tolerate this anymore, the political communist crooks and ccp behind this this SCAM must be rounded up, put on trial, Nuremberg 2.

Humanity must now rise against what is a totalitarian communist led world takeover.

Using a man made virus, and media propaganda fear campaign to carry out this worlwide coup.

The villains?


It’s orchestrated plot, and the vaccine is Not a vaccine, its a dna altering gene therapy. Yiu are the guinea pigs!

Resist, open your businesses, throw away masks, form flash mob groups!

By Zang from Other on 17-01-2021 11:14

The virus gets wiser every week. It has learned the times since coming and leaving. Since then, it has learned the age of the individuals whose backpack it can be carried. Now, finally, it has learned what kind of trade products to go with. I look forward to the day when it comes to me wishing you a good morning in the morning when I wake up.

By Juha Malinen from Lisbon on 16-01-2021 05:20

You want us to stay at home but won't sell exercise equipment, books, games, household items? Seriously should we all look at bare walls for the next 6 months or more and since when are underwear considered non essential? This is ridiculous.

By diane silva from Algarve on 16-01-2021 12:28

I Know these are difficult times and writing in 'comments' is a form of group therapy.....but I'm struggling on this one ???

So this weekend, thousands of employees are lifting millions of items off shelves, trolley, backroom, lifted on to shelves, to be brought out for sale again when some grey haired over weight poorly fitting Suit says, "it makes sense now".

I need more group therapy.
The word before "funny" in the dictionary is Funnel, I've just read it.

By Stephen Walker from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 09:34

by non food products .. you mean we cannot buy soap,? bleach. cleaning products, hygiene and sanitation products.? what drugs are you on? can anyone PLEASE elucidate as to what you mean by the general term "infection rates"? don't tell me you mean PCR test results!! the pcr test that is only 3% accurate. and 97‰ false positives, because Kory Mulis who invented the pcr said it is not designed for diagnosis and is medically useless. not the pcr test that has shown that a pawpaw fruit tests positive,? not the pcr test that whole batches made in China were polluted with the sars-cov-2 virus..... THAT PCR TEST? you're using fake equipment and propaganda to destroy a nations economy. you must have friends in the WHO and rhe CDC. ..

By paul milsom from Alentejo on 16-01-2021 02:05

Thank u for news

By Rekha Nepali from Lisbon on 15-01-2021 11:03

So are they going to ban the sale of toiletries as well.
Their will be a lot of smelly armpits and dirty bums????

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 15-01-2021 07:33

As if these stores aren't already feeling the economic pinch of the covid lockdowns , now you're limiting them from selling certain products? That's a sure fire way to kill their business. Shouldn't the government be looking for ways to improve the economy instead of stifling it? Am I missing something?

By Tony B from USA on 15-01-2021 06:59
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