Reinforced lockdown measure in full

By Daisy Sampson, in News · 19-01-2021 11:07:00 · 3 Comments

Portugal has introduced a new set of stricter measures to help curb the number of Covid-19 deaths and cases in the country.

These measures were announced by the Prime Minister and are to be combined with the already in place measures.

The new rules now also include:

Prohibition of movement between municipalities at weekends

Requirement for those travelling to work to hold a valid declaration.

Service companies with more than 250 workers must communicate to ACT within the next 48 hours a list of all workers whose on-site work they consider indispensable

Store opening hours limited to 8:00 pm on weekdays and until 1:00 pm on weekends. Food retail establishments can only operate until 5 pm on weekends

Prohibition of the sales of goods from “take away windows”. In the case of cafes and restaurants, the sale from take away windows is only allowed for packaged and drink-free products, including coffee.

The operation of restaurants in shopping centers, even on a take-away basis is now prohibited.

Gatherings and consumption of food in the vicinity of restaurants and cafes is prohibited.

All sports areas closed, including tennis and padel courts outdoors.

Day centres, senior universities and social spaces are closed.

People are prohibited from staying in gardens and public leisure spaces.

Any promotional campaigns that encourage the movement of people are banned.

Tutoring services (ATL) for children up to the age of 12 is now permitted.

Local councils are also being asked to close seafront areas or other spaces that encourage the gathering of people

Schools will continue to remain open with face to face classes, while there will be an increased police presence across the country to ensure that rules are being followed by the population

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In my recent post regarding celebrities going around the country on the top of a bus singing and dancing with no masks and social distancing,I am retracting the previous post as they obviously know it's hogwash and that's why they don't follow the government rules.

By Peter from Lisbon on 20-01-2021 01:37

So the presedential elections won't be going ahead then.
Is that not an organised gathering and movement of people.

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 20-01-2021 01:22

Bet the idiot TV presenters will still be driving around in open top buses with their singers and dancers and not a face mask in sight.we are being taken for a ride.
Covid is flu, viruses are dead and can not be transmitted.
Wake up people before it's to late.would be nice to see this post shown as my last one wasn't.obviousy a bit to near the truth.

By Peter shepherd from Lisbon on 20-01-2021 10:22
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