Raising a family can be a totally different experience depending on which city you live in around the world, with some cities offering the perfect home for young families, providing everything from affordable housing to exciting family activities.

SUMO Finans, a Norwegian company, have looked at 50 European cities, ranking each one on a number of factors to reveal the best European city for family living and Porto ranks number one, with Lisbon then following closely in third position in the rankings.

The criteria taken into consideration for each city were the Global Peace Index 2020 Score, the cost of childcare, the number of ‘good for kids’ attractions, the PISA performance average score, the cost of living for a family of four, the cost to rent a three bedroom house, the number of ‘nature and park’ attractions and the number of things do in that city.

Porto takes the top spot on the table, with plenty of family-friendly things to do, including a score of 0.92 for nature and park sites per square km, and 1.69 ‘good for kids’ attractions per square km.

After Porto, with a score of 75.28 out of 100, Barcelona comes in second, with a score of 68.60, and Lisbon third with a score of 68.12.