The new Vitalis water bottle made from 100 percent recycled plastic, is the latest offering from the Super Bock Group’s smooth water brand for 2021, which reinforces its commitment in the area of sustainability. With this innovation, the company estimates it will avoid using more than 6.3 tonnes of new plastic per year.
The new 1.5-litre Vitalis bottle will reach the market in the coming weeks and will be available in cardboard boxes, thus contributing to the reduction of the plastic normally involved in the sale of these types of product.
Besides being 100 percent recycled, the new Vitalis bottle is also 100 percent recyclable, that is, all the materials of the bottle are submitted to a process that allows its transformation into another product. To be 100 percent recyclable, the packaging design must be efficient and optimised, i.e. labels or caps are designed in such a way that the entire packaging is used for recycling. In addition to being recyclable, the label itself has FSC certification, which ensures that the products come from well-managed forests that offer environmental, social and economic benefits.
“We are proud to announce the launch of the new 100 percent recycled and recyclable Vitalis bottle, an innovation in the national market that is based on the will to join forces with the continuous movements of collaboration within and outside the organisation for a more sustainable planet, adopting the best practices”, said Graça Borges, Director of Communications, Institutional Relations and Sustainability of Super Bock Group.