President to discuss extending lockdown

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The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, will hear the nine parties with parliamentary seats, by videoconference, between Tuesday and Wednesday about the renewal of the state of emergency.

According to a note from the Presidency of the Republic sent to the media, the hearings will be held in ascending order of parliamentary representation, with Liberal Initiative, Chega, ENP, PAN and CDS-PP heard on Tuesday, starting at 15:00.

PCP, BE, PSD and PS will be heard from 15:15 on Wednesday by the head of state, who will be at the Palace of Belém.

In the same note, it is stated that on Tuesday morning the President of the Republic will participate by videoconference in the 15th session on the situation of the covid-19 in Portugal, scheduled for 10:00 am.

The current state of emergency period to allow covid-19 lockdown measures ends at 23:59 next Sunday, February 14, and was approved in parliament with votes in favour of PS, PSD, CDS-PP and PAN, abstaining from BE and votes against by PCP, PEV, Chega and Liberal Initiative.

The Assembly of the Republic has a plenary session scheduled for Thursday to discuss the likely renewal of the state of emergency.

Under the terms of the Constitution, it is up to the President of the Republic to decree a state of emergency, for a maximum period of fifteen days, without prejudice to possible renewals, but for this he must listen to the Government and have authorisation from the parliament.

Under the state of emergency, which allows the suspension of the exercise of some rights, freedoms and guarantees, the Government imposed a general lockdown and the suspension of a set of activities, which have been in force since January 15th.

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Nice way to further destroy Portuguese economy. Well done.

By Anonymus from Algarve on 11-02-2021 02:43

Why is the government not doing mass vaccination instead of constant lock downs. It is bringing the country to its knees. There will be mass unemployment and increase in crime just because government can't organise mass vaccination

By Jane from Lisbon on 10-02-2021 09:58

Why are they continuing with these blanket restrictions.I'm all for lockdowns when they are needed but yesterday there was 64 cases and today a grand total of 80 something in the entire Algarve.Ease the restrictions in the areas with lower rates.

By Dave from Algarve on 09-02-2021 08:35

I got a little child of 1 year old, I cannot even go buy new cloth for him or toys as he is growing up.......

By Jonas from Porto on 09-02-2021 07:32

May I ask why you are allowing anti mask/vaxxers/covid deniers to spread their disinformation? By the way, "Erode". Single r.
Go to a hospital and say what you are saying.
Portugal News editor(s). Please correct this.

By SAS from Lisbon on 09-02-2021 05:35

I agree completely with Aha. This is all a big scam. Let's wake up here people. Can't you see that they are just keeping the masses down and erroding your rights. Time to stand and be counted.

By Martin from Lisbon on 09-02-2021 02:56

Stop these measures now,.....destruction of peoples lives.....

By cheryl smallwood from Algarve on 09-02-2021 12:52

Lockdowns demonstrably do nothing. Stop the madness and needless destruction of this wonderful country.

By Jordan from Lisbon on 09-02-2021 10:20

Is there any reason why it's necessary? It gives nothing. They don't get more prepared. The virus does not retreat. New strains are more and more dangerous. We need to accept this and learn how to live with the virus, as it was with the flu. Instead of sitting at home and shaking. It's ridiculous.

By SS from Porto on 08-02-2021 10:27


This has to end now!

This is lock down is murder8jg millions of people, more than this fake pandemic!

The people must open now! Disobey, we want back our freedom now!

The politicians are liy7ng to us all, the6 r working together with un, who, wef, soros, Schwab, to kill and murder millions of people!

The great re-opening begins on 14 February, and people in Uk and Europe will throwaway the masks, and are businesses are going to open!

The great-Reopening

Stop the lockdowns! Resist, don’t comply!!!

By Aha from UK on 08-02-2021 10:04
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