According to a note from the Presidency of the Republic sent to the media, the hearings will be held in ascending order of parliamentary representation, with Liberal Initiative, Chega, ENP, PAN and CDS-PP heard on Tuesday, starting at 15:00.

PCP, BE, PSD and PS will be heard from 15:15 on Wednesday by the head of state, who will be at the Palace of Belém.

In the same note, it is stated that on Tuesday morning the President of the Republic will participate by videoconference in the 15th session on the situation of the covid-19 in Portugal, scheduled for 10:00 am.

The current state of emergency period to allow covid-19 lockdown measures ends at 23:59 next Sunday, February 14, and was approved in parliament with votes in favour of PS, PSD, CDS-PP and PAN, abstaining from BE and votes against by PCP, PEV, Chega and Liberal Initiative.

The Assembly of the Republic has a plenary session scheduled for Thursday to discuss the likely renewal of the state of emergency.

Under the terms of the Constitution, it is up to the President of the Republic to decree a state of emergency, for a maximum period of fifteen days, without prejudice to possible renewals, but for this he must listen to the Government and have authorisation from the parliament.

Under the state of emergency, which allows the suspension of the exercise of some rights, freedoms and guarantees, the Government imposed a general lockdown and the suspension of a set of activities, which have been in force since January 15th.