This residential area comprises of only 4 small blocs of apartments , in total 31 units, with gardens and a communal pool in the midst of this highly calm and peaceful location, with entrance at the V-3 Avenida stretching from Praia da Rocha -Vau to Alvor. The residents are mostly from foreign origin; only some of them living permanently here.

We suppose that the erection of this communication mast has been deliberately planned during this early time of the year, as most of the residents are abroad and not able to travel due to Covid-19 pandemic.

This communication mast is just a few metres from the communal pool and apartment blocs and is not only a very disturbing sight, but may lead to a decrease in value of the properties as well.

None of the residents have been informed about this construction, neither has there been any formal announcement or boarding from the Câmara or Municipality of Portimão.

I happened to address a construction supervisor after I saw the mast, but he only admitted that the construction was ordered by Vodafone. He could not give any information about the procedure.

Could you please help us to find ways how to address this issue to the local authorities and to have a look into the proper procedures preceding this construction . We are indeed very concerned about this affair in every respect .
Thank you in advance for publishing and assisting us.

Robert W.J. Cohnen,