Emergency services workers bumped down vaccine priority list

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Portugal will refocus its Covid-19 inoculation campaign towards vulnerable groups and away from some key state workers owing to scarce vaccine supplies.

The head of the vaccination taskforce, who took the helm this month after his predecessor stepped down in a controversy over vaccine queue-jumping, said that 90% of doses would now go to people aged over 80 or to over-50s with pre-existing health conditions. Following an outcry, officials clarified that firefighters and police on the frontline of the pandemic would remain on the priority list.

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Is the previous head of the vaccination taskforce being investigated or has he been absolved from any responsibility when he resigned. The whole issue is a disgrace and yhose that jumped the queue should be named and prosecuted, but I'm forgetting, this is Portugal!

By Greg from Other on 22-02-2021 01:55

To prove this
over-50s with pre-existing health conditions.
Is not possible for people like me that have moved to Portugal.
My health pre-existing health conditions are in Swedish journals.
SNS does not read Swedish
SNS does not accept my own statement
=> I stay out of priority, even I have health conditions that qualifies me for Phase 1.

But a lot of other people without being in risk group gets vaccin
Firefighters, police, politicians ....... are more important than old sick persons.

By Gustav from Algarve on 22-02-2021 01:20
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