"We believe that this system will help educate the public about our regulations and reduce the spread of potentially dangerous or misleading information on Twitter, especially in repeated, moderate or serious violations," the social network said in a statement, according to the news agency. France-Presse (AFP).

In December, Twitter had already asked users to remove false claims, such as those that suggest that vaccines are used to harm or control populations, alleged adverse effects or that jeopardize the existence of covid-19 and the need to get vaccinated. Since then, the moderators of the Californian company have removed more than 8,400 publications and notified about 11.5 million accounts worldwide. Now, from the second warning, users will have their accounts blocked for 12 hours. At the fourth warning, the block will last for seven days, becoming permanent at the fifth. The rules are inspired by the system against electoral misinformation, which led Twitter to ban former President of the United States, Donald Trump, for repeated offences such as incitement to violence and messages that discredited the presidential election.

Back in October, when vaccines were still in clinical trials, YouTube and Facebook announced strict regulations to ban vaccine misinformation and efforts to undermine vaccination campaigns. Twitter will also attach the message that the publications "may contain misleading information about covid-19 vaccines", according to the statement. Moderators will be responsible for determining what content violates the regulations, but the platform hopes to develop an automated system to detect problematic messages.