The measure results from the joint guidance on the laboratory screening programme for SARS-COV-2 in day care centres and educational and teaching establishments and from the authorisation of expenditure, approved by the Council of Ministers on Sunday, for testing students and teaching and non-teaching staff for Covid-19.

According to a joint statement from the Ministries of Education, Labor and Solidarity and Social Security, the testing process in schools was initiated in late January, “having already allowed more than 64,000 tests to be carried out, despite the transition to home teaching”.

“As a result of the articulation with the different entities involved in the testing operation, which have proved to be unequivocal partners in this whole process, the referred Ministries carry out an operation in which it is possible to carry out a high number of tests”, he adds.

The Government also stresses that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) considers that the use of periodic rapid tests is an additional measure to measures to prevent infection, such as detachment, the use of a mask, ventilation of spaces or measures of hygiene and respiratory etiquette, “aiming at a safer resumption of classroom educational and teaching activities”.