Government announces testing at all schools and daycare centres

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The Government guaranteed today that it will carry out testing for the covid-19 “in all educational and childcare establishments”, aiming at a “safer” return to the face-to-face classes.

The measure results from the joint guidance on the laboratory screening programme for SARS-COV-2 in day care centres and educational and teaching establishments and from the authorisation of expenditure, approved by the Council of Ministers on Sunday, for testing students and teaching and non-teaching staff for Covid-19.

According to a joint statement from the Ministries of Education, Labor and Solidarity and Social Security, the testing process in schools was initiated in late January, “having already allowed more than 64,000 tests to be carried out, despite the transition to home teaching”.

“As a result of the articulation with the different entities involved in the testing operation, which have proved to be unequivocal partners in this whole process, the referred Ministries carry out an operation in which it is possible to carry out a high number of tests”, he adds.

The Government also stresses that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) considers that the use of periodic rapid tests is an additional measure to measures to prevent infection, such as detachment, the use of a mask, ventilation of spaces or measures of hygiene and respiratory etiquette, “aiming at a safer resumption of classroom educational and teaching activities”.

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Not going to tolerate their crap any longer after having robbed us 1 year of our lives.
The truth is about to come out and until then I am not going into their fear mongering rubbish.
These so called authorities clearly don't have our interest at heart coming up with random excuses left right and centre to ensure we get the jab.
To hell with all of them ! Enough of your mind control BS !

By Robert W. from Lisbon on 14-03-2021 07:39

Oh, you conspiracy nutters! I'm getting so tired of you!
And did you know the earth was really flat!

By Joao balcao from Algarve on 14-03-2021 09:32

So children in Portugal are going to forced to wear masks and breathe in their own carbon dioxide for many hours every day... this can lead to a variety of symptoms from dizziness to organ damage. And they are going to be subjected to all the false positives that these tests produce... so healthy children with no symptoms will be told they have COVID, while pharma companies make trillions of dollars from these tests that are furthering the injection-drugged-controlled population that the elite want. Leave our kids alone.

By Michael Wayne Knight from UK on 11-03-2021 05:32

Clearly they’ve lost their minds. Going to test kids at school... Goodbye Portugal...

By Joe from Other on 11-03-2021 05:20

This is a money grab. These tests are not needed. They will put hundreds of millions of dollars into their friends' pockets which will then get kicked back. Stealing from the people right in front of their faces

By Latoysha Adams from Porto on 11-03-2021 04:38
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