We therefore would like to use this chance and introduce you to our amazing cast that consists of our office and administration team, but also of more than 40 talented individuals who are working day and night in the “background”, offering a range of unique, specialist skills in architecture, maintenance, tailored services, constructions and interior design, resulting in an outstanding portfolio. As we mentioned in our first episodes, this unique team of experts makes everything possible to fulfill your dream. If it is the property you’ve been dreaming of, or your own little empire with everything your heart desires, for example a Boccia Lane, an adopted dog, or your own little Japanese Garden. As a team, we are more than proud of our achievements and would love to share our success with you. With every team members’ intimate knowledge of the beautiful Algarve, the real estate market, construction, design and services, bundled in a great network, we have the enthusiasm, creativity and the huge desire to make this place your home.

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