One writer is warning about being not on the ‘priority’ vaccination list and how difficult it is to get this straight. Even mentioning his lawyer to solve the problem.

The SNS has a useful website where people can check if they are registered for vaccination: If not registered, one can apply on this website (although I’m afraid that an answer can take a lot of time).

Another writer from Portimão has questions about visa and the 90 day rule. The answers are on the website from the SEF (which has an office in Portimão). The website has a very good English version with a lot of Brexit information: (tap upper right for the English version).

A few weeks ago a writer asked where to find information about the erection of a cellular mast near the Alto golf in Portimão . Strange, the service handling construction issues can answer all questions and is not far: near the Arena hall. An alternative is the Balcão Único that can be reached by e-mail (now that it is closed due to covid19) and sends all questions from citizens to the right service in Portimão . A contact form is on the city’s website:

I don’t understand why people look for solutions through letters in The Portugal News.

Henry Vangael,
By email