Portimão starts mass testing to stamp out new infections

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The City Council of Portimão has begun a process of mass testing across the population following a new recent outbreak in the area, which has been linked to construction workers.

"We are seeing a large number of people infected and, therefore, we intend to carry out mass testing to detect asymptomatic cases and prevent the spread of the disease", said Mayor Isilda Gomes (PS) to Lusa News Agency.

According to the president of the council, the decision was based on "the considerable number of positive cases" recorded in the last few days, mainly in professional sectors such as civil construction.

"The construction sector is the most problematic sector that we have at the moment and that is why we made this decision to proceed with massive testing of the population, through rapid tests", she said, stressing that the tests are free and are not mandatory .

Isilda Gomes said that, since Saturday, all people linked to civil construction in the municipality “are being tested, in a joint action between the Authority for Conditions at Work, the Local Health Authority and the Municipal Civil Protection”.

“Since the outbreak has multiplied in the face of events of a social nature, the public health support team is working around the clock to closely monitor contacts from positive cases, putting everyone in isolation early, in order to break the chains of transmission ”, she said.

Isilda Gomes indicated that, in a first phase, the municipality acquired 500 antigen tests to carry out epidemiological screening, a number that "may increase as needed".

"Certainly, tests will not be carried out on the approximately 55,000 inhabitants of the municipality, not least because many of them have already been infected and others have been vaccinated, but our intention is to provide rapid tests to anyone who wants to do one," she said.

The mayor recalled that the antigen test is not mandatory and is available to anyone who wants to do it, “for your safety and that of others, in a community health security process”.

“The main objective is to stop the evolution of the pandemic in the municipality and in the community”, she stressed.

According to the municipality, screening is being carried out at the 'drive thru' testing station installed next to the Portimão Arena.

Residents in the municipality of Portimão who wish to undergo free screening can register by filling in the form available at https://www.cognitoforms.com or by contacting the line “Protection 24” through the number 808 282 112.

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never mind mass testing it's vacine that is required !

By robert cartwright from UK on 24-03-2021 04:47

this is one big joke, MASS TESTING in Portimao, they acquired 500 tests.
Unbelievable that you publish this nonsense. Your reporters should be more critical.

By Ies Korswagen from Lisbon on 24-03-2021 09:47

People need to be aware that playing along with this and getting tested is just going to perpetuate these devastating lockdowns and continue driving millions of people into despair and poverty! Reclaim your freedom and your rights! If you feel healthy go out and live life. If you feel sick stay at home. If you feel really sick go to the doctor. Don’t feed the lie and the fear!

By SS from Algarve on 24-03-2021 08:47

What they mean is that cases are decreasing everywhere and they need to bring the numbers up to keep people living in fear, wearing face nappies and being good compliant sheep that don’t question anything.

By SS from Algarve on 24-03-2021 08:42

the link you put at the end of the article should be redirect to a correct page not to the HomePage of the website, is basically useless, what kind of information is this?!
Would be good for everyone having the right link available....
come on...is important...

By MArk from Algarve on 23-03-2021 09:23

Why on earth have construction workers been allowed to carry on anyway?
They work in close proximity and usually live quite far from their place of work.
Hence it should be obvious they are likely super spreaders.

By James from Algarve on 23-03-2021 06:01
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