Tired of having to pay huge electricity bills or want to make a difference in the world using renewable energies, we have the answer for you – solar photovoltaic (PV) panels!

By installing photovoltaic panels, you can generate your own renewable electricity.

With its sunny climate, Portugal, and especially the Algarve, is the perfect location to benefit from the sun for both electricity and hot water.

Casa Verde provides a complete portfolio of systems, our solutions range from 1.5kW/h to 30 kW/h tailored to the needs of your home, minimising your daytime and night-time* energy costs.

We have extensive experience with renewable energy solutions, from installation, maintenance, and after-sales care of the full range of solar panels, battery storage, pool covers, heat pumps, solar car chargers, hot water systems, underfloor heating/cooling, and air conditioning. Casa Verde has the capacity, both in high-quality products and a qualified team, to help you find the better solution for your home.

How it works
The sunlight hits the solar panels and generates a direct current (DC). Then inverter’s job is to transform the DC, to an alternating current (AC), the electricity your household appliances use.

We work with options of where to install
Most PV systems are made up of panels that fit on top of your roof, but you can also have a ground mounted system installed.

The cells in the solar panels do not require direct sunlight to work, they even work on cloudy days.

How to save even more with a PV system:

Use more electricity during the day (this may be already happening due to COVID)
As your PV system will be working at its peak during daylight hours, it’s a good idea to think about reorganizing domestic activities such as washing, dishwashing, and ironing. If you’re home most of the day, then this will be easier to do, but if you work during the day then try setting up timers for your dishwasher and washing machine.

Combine with other renewable systems
You can combine PV with other temperature control technologies such as hydraulic underfloor heating/cooling or even heat pumps. These technologies work well with each other, as PV can be set up to help power a heat pump, for example.

Switch off standby
Almost all electrical and electronic appliances can be turned off at the plug without upsetting their programming.

Learn more about one of the most requested solar panels at Casa Verde: www.casaverde-int.com/info/solarpanels

Benefits - Cut your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and receive back the extra energy you generated during the day.

Electricity bills - Sunlight is FREE, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be reduced from 25% to 85%.

Carbon footprint - A typical home with a solar PV system could save around 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year!
* The next two benefits are dependent on the energy plan you have with your electricity supplier.

Receive the equivalent energy you produced at night-time - There will be times when the electricity you generate is more than you can use or store (if you have a battery storage unit), so the surplus will be exported to the grid to be used by someone else at that moment. However, if you need electricity from the grid, at night, you can have “that” energy back without paying more for it.

Receive money from the energy you inject to the grid - Exchange your km/h with your electricity supplier.

If by chance, your home needs more energy than it’s being produced by the solar panels then electricity is drawn from the grid, even during daytime. To avoid this scenario and increase the benefits of your system, Casa Verde has a specialized team to advise, guide, help create, and design the perfect tailored energy solution for your home and needs.


Solar PV needs little maintenance. Keep an eye on nearby trees to ensure they don’t begin to overshadow them.

Once fitted, Casa Verde’s certificate installer will leave written details of any maintenance checks that you should carry out from time to time to ensure everything is working properly.

Keeping a close eye on your system and the amount of electricity it’s generating (alongside the weather conditions). This will familiarize you with what to expect and give you the control to maximize your system.

• Instead of sending it to the grid, that surplus electricity could power other domestic appliances or be stored for you to use at night-time.

Learn how to maximise your photovoltaic system on our next Renewable Section!

Whether you’re looking to reduce your invoice bills, save the planet, or simply want a practical and flexible solar power system, Casa Verde’s happy to help.

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