Vila do Bispo might be small but you can find excellent restaurants with fresh fish, cafés, and a medical centre. The area is well equipped for living a comfortable life without worry.

In the summer it is busy especially around the time of the annual bird watching event, but during the winter there aren’t many tourists except for the occasional surfer who takes advantage of the perfect waves that the beautiful coastline creates. The sea fills the air with a soothing fresh breeze which helps for relaxation but they also contain tiny droplets of seawater enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium that help you to improve your health.

Costa Vicentina is a protected landscape area, which guarantees the protection of the beauty and the wealth of the flora and fauna. There are also several hiking/biking trails in the area. Vila do Bispo is also part of 2 long distance hiking routes which are leading from the south of Portugal all the way north along the coast (Rota Vicentina and Via Algarviana). These beautiful trails make this part of Portugal unique and attract people who are searching to connect back to nature.

Living in the area of Vila Do Bispo is living with nature and finding inner peace again. We have many outstanding properties available, which you can find on

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