Like many Portuguese families, cooking is an important part of family life. In this book Maria decided to recreate some of the more important family meals she grew up with. This included returning to São Miguel where she rediscovered her families’ traditional recipes.

Maria Lawton, also known by her nickname “the Azorean Green Bean” is well known for her love of Portuguese food and culture. She also co-hosts the podcast “Our Portuguese Table” ‘Azorean Cooking’ includes many traditional recipes such as Arroz Doce (Sweet Rice Pudding), Massa Sovada (Sweet Bread) and Sopa de Couve (Kale Soup), Cozido (Boiled Dinner), Caçoila (Marinated Pork), and Camarão Moçambique (Shrimp Mozambique) and many more. Each dish has a personal story relating to the recipe.

I found the recipes easy to follow and the layout was great. The photos in the book add a special touch to this already charming cookbook, which is able to connect the culture and heritage of the area. The negative for me would be that there are not enough photos of the food.

This is more than a cookbook, Maria infuses her personal experiences and memories throughout and her stories add an authentic Portuguese feel when working through the recipes.

Maria is able to make you feel like you are cooking along with her. Even if you have never been to the Island this book makes a great addition to any cooks collection.