Close to 3 million Covid jabs now administered on mainland Portugal

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Close to 3 million anti-Covid jabs have now been administered on mainland Portugal, with just over 2.1 million people having had their first dose of the vaccine and more than 796,000 people being fully inoculated with two doses.

The coordinator of the vaccination task force in Portugal vice-admiral Gouviea e Melo said 70% percent of the population could be vaccinated by summer. Portugal is currently vaccinating the over 65s age-band.

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Why don't they stop talking with these ridiculous promises, and get on with it.

At the start of the month they were promising 100,000 vaccinations per day in April:

Well, it's the end of April now, and we're approaching 3 million vaccinated - since December. So much for 3 million vaccines in April then. They managed about a million.

They need to stop this nonsense. 70% vaccinated by summer? Who are they kidding? That would need 150,000 vaccinations per day for the next two months, and judging by the abject failure to ramp up in April, it's just more empty promises.

By Paul from Lisbon on 28-04-2021 12:14
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