The recommendation, dated 15 April, was published on 4 May in Diário da República, and in it Parliament recommends that the Government "continue to make available a support programme for cultural production and artistic creation for the largest tourist region in the country".

The parliament also recommends that a specific line be created for companies in regions "heavily affected by the pandemic" of Covid-19, to mitigate "the negative impacts on the activity of companies in the cultural sector, resulting from measures to protect public health.

This is the second recommendation the parliament has made to the Government to maintain and reinforce support for the cultural sector in the Algarve.

On 8 April, the Assembly of the Republic recommended the Government maintain and reinforce the 365 Algarve programme, following a draft resolution presented by the "Bloco de Esquerda" (BE), approved with the abstention of almost the entire Socialist Party (PS) parliamentary group.

Last month, the commissioner of 365 Algarve, Anabela Afonso, assumed, in statements to Lusa agency, "there is nothing new" from the Government "since the last time there was news of 365", in December last year, when Público newspaper wrote that the programme would end, despite the positive assessment given by the University of Algarve.

Created in 2016, in a partnership between the Secretaries of State for Tourism and Culture, with funding from Turismo de Portugal and execution by the Algarve Tourism Region, 365 Algarve sought to promote tourism and culture during the low season throughout the Algarve region, involving cultural and tourism agents, with external evaluation by the University of Algarve.