“From the legal analysis that was done, it was concluded that the rules are not unconstitutional, but they have big implications. These implications on the budget of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing now have to be reassessed and we have to find compensations”, said Ana Abrunhosa.

Social Democrat deputy Luís Leite Ramos indicated that “while the PS was in the opposition, for years and years they screamed about the tolls, now they do not, it’s no longer an important issue”.

The Minister for Territorial Cohesion said that the measure that was approved in the State Budget will “have heavy budgetary implications”, but added that the Government is working on finding solutions to “be able to implement the reduction of tolls as approved in the Assembly of the Republic”.

The main ministries involved in this work are Territorial Cohesion, Infrastructure and Housing and Finance, with different solutions being evaluated to implement the toll reduction measure, after having concluded that it is constitutional.