Hardly off her mother’s milk. A home was found where she was be given mother’s milk. However, Daisy did the unforgivable thing for a baby. She dug a hole in the flower bed! Her punishment was to be sent back to the shelter.

Compassionate people?? They did this on Christmas Day!!

Somehow Daisy went further back in the shelter as many more dogs arrived and now she has spent 10 Christmases there.

She is gentle and sweet. Likes to walk and sit and just be with people. She is no trouble at all. Very pretty. Pretty enough for a dog food advertisement. Her face just makes you smile.

Daisy said she will bring this bag of food to her new home along with a full medical and fully vaccinated for the next three years.

Is there somebody out there who can tell this grande dame, that the daisy chain of confinement will end and she will not spend another Christmas in the shelter?

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