Portugal confirms Galicia train between Braga and the border

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The president of the Autonomous Government of Galicia has received a commitment from the Prime Minister of Portugal for a high-speed train between Braga and the Portuguese border representing an investment of 900 million Euros, starting in 2025.

"The idea is to start between Braga and the Portuguese border, it is a 900 million euro project and the deadlines foreseen is that this project can start, once the necessary constructive projects are finalised to be able to start the work, from the year 2025, approximately," said the president of the Autonomous Government of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Fejióo, after an audience with the Prime Minister, António Costa, which took place in Lisbon.

The Galician politician indicated that the 900 million Euros are exclusively Portuguese investment, which is expected to be financed through the next period of European funds.

"I am very grateful to the Portuguese government and its prime minister for confirming the rail priority between Lisbon - Porto, Porto - Braga, Braga - Portuguese border. I am very grateful, moreover, that the major infrastructure will start between Braga and the border with Galicia," said the president of the Autonomous Government of Galicia.

Alberto Núñez Fejióo said that this "is a great strategic decision for Portugal, a great decision for the whole Atlantic Axis and a great decision for all the villages, towns and communities that make up the Atlantic Axis".

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And where exacty will this trainline end? As long as it is EU money, looks like that this qustion is of no imprtance. As long as 900,000,000 EUR will be spend with contracts to well connected companies endorced by engaging officials.

By Justin from Lisbon on 29-05-2021 05:46

What's the relevance of a high speed train between Braga and the Portuguese border? Only wordwhile if the train continues further to Vigo, Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela. Otherwise, it's just a waste of money and misuse of EU's loans to the financially troubled Portugal!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 29-05-2021 01:03
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