I and my wife are in the over 70 at risk age group, we were given our first Astra Zenica vaccine at the beginning of May, as things stand we are not due to receive our second dose until the end of July and are not fully protected in this period.
Younger people that the first dose of AZ vaccine are now being offered the pfizer vaccine as a second dose and most people now seem to be getting this or the Johnson one dose vaccine.

This means that many in the most vulnerable age group who have had one dose of the AZ vaccine are still vulnerable and most younger people will have had the full dose, this is not logical.

There is no medical reason why the AZ second dose cannot be given after 28 days, indeed this was the original clinical recommendation and was only changed in order to make limited supplies go further.

The AZ vaccine is no longer given to anyone under 60 so surely there are now adequate supplies of this vaccine.

Studies in other countries have found that a mix of the AZ vaccine with a second dose of Pfizer is even more effective than 2 doses of the AZ.

I live in Tavira and the holiday season is upon us bringing many visitors from the North and Lisbon in particular.

I would urge you to reassess the situation to ensure that the vulnerable over 70’s age group is allowed to have the second dose after 28 days, the Pfizer vaccine is only 21 days”

Alec Earnshaw
Cabanas de Tavira