Choosing a property can be a demanding task, especially when looking in a new and perhaps unfamiliar country and there are several factors that everyone must take into consideration to ensure that the best possible choice is made.

The location, the property type itself and much more is key to finding your ideal property, and this is where the experts can step in to help.

“Normally our clients, namely Scandinavians, want modern or semi modern properties with south or west facing balconies or terraces, perhaps a shared pool if it’s an apartment, or a private pool if it’s a house. The trend is to buy something with high quality that is new and ready to move into”, explained Peter Reuterkloo, SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate CEO, when talking about the latest trends in the Swedish market at the moment.

Villas remain the most popular choice: “The Scandinavian client usually likes villas. They love nice surroundings, restaurants, etc. They want to feel that they are moving into a community with people living there all the year and not only during in the summer time”, said the CEO of the Swedish company, whose team have been working for over 16 years with properties abroad.

When someone is looking for a new property, they usually want to combine the perfect property with the perfect location, which is “our goal, we definitely help them find where they want to live”.

For this reason, in SkandiaMäklarna real estate highlights that they are not simply just an agency that simply wants to sell a property, they aim to help the client find the perfect property that suits them best. “We don’t want to sell something to our clients; we want to help them instead to buy something that fits their needs perfectly.”

Inspection trips

One of the best methods to help clients make their choice comes through inspection trips. During the course of one week with the client in the Algarve - the inspection trip - the real estate team will put all of their efforts into finding the perfect house for their client. “We organise everything from flights, to tickets, to pick up to hotels. And over the week, we are able to show the entire Algarve, from west to east, they see cities and properties according to their budgets. And we spend a week with them, focus on finding something that they really like and in a local area that they really want”, he told The Portugal News.

It’s an immersive experience. “We start at 9am each day and continue until 5pm or 6pm then we have dinner together, so we spend all week, between 12 and 13 hours a day with the client, from Saturday to Saturday, committed to our unique goal – to help them to make the best choice possible”, said the CEO.

Despite being a Swedish company, not all clients are Scandinavian. More and more Spanish, Portuguese, Germans, British, and many others, are looking for SkandiaMäklarna’s real estate services, with their client base now totalling around 50 percent of non-Scandinavian clients.

Among the characteristics of the property and location, clients also seek security in the process, which the CEO pointed out as one of his top priorities. “In addition to having a great experience in real estate sales, my team shares the same values of being careful, making sure everything is safe and secure, as well as being a professional partner at all times. For example, if they need tips or information about anything regarding the process or even the local area, we are always ready to help”, said the CEO.

Most sought after regions in the Algarve

Although the entire Algarve is a top destination for those who want to move abroad, there are regions that truly delight SkandiaMäklarna’s clients. “In the east, Tavira is a region where we have great demand and Olhão has seen a boost in interest recently. In the centre of the Algarve, Vilamoura and Albufeira are the areas where we have recorded the greatest level of demand, and in west, it is Carvoeiro, Ferragudo, Portimão and Lagos.

SkandiaMäklarna’s real estate operates, not only in the Algarve, but also in Lisbon (around 50/60 km from the centre), allowing clients the opportunity to discover even more of Portugal and what it has to offer.

The success of the company means that they are now looking to expand and they are looking for a new office to welcome even more clients. “We are looking for a good place to have a second office in the Algarve, because we see a great interest in Portugal from our clients as well as in our services”.

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