All of us, who represent the Skandia Mäklarna brand every day, have a common vision that SkandiaMäklarna shall be your leading quality broker. Our vision of quality put a high demand on us and our work to make sure that we fulfill the needs and wishes of our clients.

SkandiaMäklarna is a strong and positively charged brand – a large company that represent security and trust.

The Algarve, with its 160 kilometers long coast, is a sunny paradise in Portugal. Here you can find something for everyone – charming small towns, fantastic food and amazing sandy beaches. Algarve is the most southern province in Portugal, and it really does offer something for everyone. With its beautiful nature, the Algarve coast is suitable for those who want a holiday - or a permanent home to escape the colder climate in other parts of Europe.

When you want both sun and city, Lisbon is the perfect option. The Portuguese capital has a lot to offer with its cozy alleys, classic yellow trams and world-class food. A lot of people from various countries, especially from Scandinavia look forward to spending their retirement in Portugal and we at SkandiaMäklarna will help and guide them to find the perfect place.

Regardless of whether you want to sell or buy a home in the Algarve or Lisbon, SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate is there to help you and offer our services and vast knowledge:

  • We help our clients finding the most suitable properties.
  • We take care of the contact with other local real estate agencies if and when needed and plan the viewings of the properties.
  • We provide our clients help and advice on the market when buying or selling their home.
  • When selling a property we organize evaluation and a professional marketing package in order to make a safe and successful sale.
  • We support our clients in the whole process, from start to finish, regardless of wether they are selling or buying.
  • We work closely with local professionals and provide you with contacts for such as lawyers, architects, interior designer, tax advisers, security companies etc.

It can be a big change to get a home abroad. We at SkandiaMäklarna are here to give you help and advice when moving and buying your property in Portugal. We believe in service, commitment and local knowledge so that you can feel safe and happy with your property deal.

Telephone: +351 911 015 315 or +46 708 254 600